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This wiki is designed to provide as much information about the campaign in one place. It’s a work in progress and will be built up over time.


Predator Squadron Roster

Equipment and Vehicles


Missions and Intelligence

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Obligation, Duty & Morality


House Rules

A guide/reminder of any house rules we may implement are found here.

Short Stories

In order to bridge the gap between the Battle of Nar Shaddar and picking back up almost a year later, I’ve put together several short stories and will be putting them up here over time.

I’d just note that these are intended to expand on some NPCs, add a bit of context and tease what is to come.

18 months ABY The Meeting

18 months ABY The Carbonite Man

18 months ABY Ghosts of the Past

24 months ABY Blaster-Point Wedding

When we returned with Enter the Cabal we picked up roughly 30 months ABY.

36 months ABY The Conversation.


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I’ve found the following guide very useful so thought I’d leave it here:

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