The Wayfarer was a Wayfarer-class Medium Freighter used by Predator Squadron for some time whilst they were working for the Czerka Corporation. Originally, the ship was an Imperial prison transport (the expansive cargo hold having been modified extensively). It was being used to transfer the squad from ORD Mantell to Kessel (after their heist at the local governor’s mansion), but it was intercepted in orbit by Lando Calrissian. Lando disabled the ship’s systems, giving the squad a chance to escape. The squad took over the ship and took it to Chieweb-3 for refitting.

The ship served the squad well on many missions, but met its end at the hands of a mysterious Bothan on Sullust. The Bothan had planted charges around the ship, which detonated when he was killed.

The squad then ran into Lando Calrissian once more, which led to them acquiring their second ship, The Wolverine


Designed by Kuat Systems Engineering, the Wayfarer-class is designed to accommodate a unique modular shipping container system. It was hoped that this would revolutionise galactic shipping, however, development delays, budget overruns and the fact that only one type of container ended up being designed scuppered this idea.

The vessel has a strange, ungainly design, with it’s modular cargo container hung from an armature that extends from the port side of the ship’s hull. The ship is slightly unbalanced and requires a skilled pilot to make the most of it.


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