Here is the current state of the Obligation table. Correct as of 24/03/2017.

Value Character Obligation Description
10 Oz Mistaken Identity Continually mistaken for a man who seems to have made enemies
8 Galish Addiction When rolled takes setback dice every few hours until gets a drink or a death stick fix.
8 Oz Homestead The Dag-O-Bar space station
5 Gand Oath Of honourable conduct to Solio Forrel
5 “Ghost” Family N/A
5 Jibril Sayra Appearance If Jibril is unable to change her appearance, this has a psychological effect on her.
5 Jibril Sayra Bounty Black Sun think she stole 100 doses of truth serum off her.
5 Jibril Sayra Blackmail Somebody is trying to blackmail her.
5 Kobfred Drapen Family Looking for the sister of his business partner.
5 Oz Obsession Obsession with his strange memory flashes
5 Tobin Stryder Bounty The Zygerrian Empire have placed a bounty on his Chameleon identity.
5 Xerxes Adrenaline Junkie Addicted to taking risks.
5 Xerxes Criminal Stole a speeder (with Mesa) belonging to a wealthy investor named Oax on Coruscant. This was covered by the media.
3 Galish Bounty Killed an Aqualish who had an Ardus Disk belonging to Kaltho the Hutt. Kaltho’s clan now seeks revenge and Galish has been identified.
3 Travok Criminal Empire shut down his business and declared him a criminal
2 Gand Favour Jewel of Yavin to Lando

Obligation Total: 84

Explanation of Obligation

Obligation represents the debts a Player Character owes. These debts may be physical (money owed, services that must be repaid, or a binding contract) or they could be intangible (a feeling of responsibility for a friend’s well-being, the duty he feels to help his family, or a favour owed to someone else).

Before each session the GM rolls percentile dice and compares the result to the current Obligation chart. If the roll is greater than the total Obligation, then their Obligation is low enough that it is not pressing enough to affect them (at least not yet). If the roll is lower than the total Obligation, something relating to the specific Obligation triggered may introduce complications during the upcoming session. If the roll is lower than the group’s Obligation threshold, reduce all character’s Strain Thresholds by 1 for the remainder of the session; the strain threshold of the specific character who’s Obligation is triggered reduces their Strain Threshold by 2. If the Obligation is triggered on a roll of doubles (e.g. “66”) then the effects on the character’s Strain Thresholds are doubled.


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