The Dag-O-Bar is a trading outpost station located in the (insert sector) sector, somewhere between the Dagobah system and Utapau, owned by Oz.

Currently the party receives 500 credits each a month from the station, and Piloting (Space) is a career skill for all.


  • Purchased from the Bureau of Ships and Services using Oz’s share of the Jewel of Yavin heist.
  • Was infected by some strange creatures that Predator Squadron had to deal with.
  • Became a make-shift base for Predator Squadron during their time posing as mercenaries to infiltrate Governor Kaine’s forces.
  • Still functions as a make-shift base for the squadron. The Alliance surreptitiously use the base as a stop over on supply runs.


The key locations of the station include:

Deck 1: Ops

The main operations room is an octagonal room at the top of the space station, accessed by a turbolift. It’s outfitted with modern communications and holographic equipment and the majority of the station’s functions can be controlled from here. Oz’s office is also located here.

Deck 2: Promenade

The promenade is a large circular room that runs around the central structure of the space station. It is home to many a shop and stall, being the primary trading floor of the station.


The Infirmary is located off the promenade, staffed by Dr.


The bar, named after the station, is located on the promenade. It’s neon glow provides a cozy atmosphere for it’s patrons and the bartender claims to be able to make any drink that you care to name.

Habitation Ring

The Habitation Ring is connected to the main station structure at 4 points, all of which come out onto the Promenade. The Habitation Ring primarily houses 22 individual quarters, 6 of which are set aside for Predator Squadron, with a further 6 being used as crew quarters for the station personnel. The remaining 10 are designated as visitor quarters.

Docking Rings

The docking rings are located at opposite ends of the station, attached to the Habitation Ring. They are each capable of docking with a silhouette 5 vehicle.

Hanger Bay

The basic hanger module is capable of holding up to 2 silhouette 3 ships. All larger vessels must dock with one of the docking rings.

Deck 3: Maintenance

The maintenance level houses artificial gravity, power systems and atmospheric scrubbers, along with all the systems that keep the station running.


There are 6 primary members of the Dag-O-Bar crew. They keep the station running, co-ordinate the docking of ships and generally keep the peace among the traders. They are:

  • Crew 1
  • Crew 2
  • Crew 3
  • Crew 4
  • Crew 5
  • Crew 6
  • Crew 7





The bartender, G3X-9000, set up shop aboard the Dag-O-Bar and is often seen trundling along on her single wheel. She claims to be able to make any drink you can name, which is great publicity for the bar, but slightly less impressive when the patrons realise that the waitress droid is also the proprietor.


The Dag-O-Bar has been upgraded with the following features:

  • Increase Core Focus x4 – Now at 400 credits per month. (Taken 4/5 times)
  • Improved Security (Taken 3/3 times)
    • All doors within the space station gain electronic locks that can only be broken with a Hard (3 difficulty) Computers check.
    • Security cameras that can be accessed from Ops.
    • The space station gains a shield generator, gaining Defence 1.
  • NPC Allies (Taken 4/4 times)
    • Merchant – The merchant has a Presence of 3, Cunning of 3, 2 ranks in Negotiation, and 2 ranks in Streetwise. He can obtain and sell any legal or Restricted item with a modified rarity of 5 or lower to the party.
    • Doctor – The doctor has an intellect of 3 and 2 ranks in Medicine. He has medical supplies allowing him to perform Medicine checks without penalty.
    • Mechanic – The mechanic has an Intellect of 3, 2 ranks in Mechanics, and 2 ranks in Computers. He has a tool kit, allowing him to perform Mechanics checks without penalty.
    • Pilot – The Pilot has an Agility of 3, an Intellect of 2 and 2 ranks of Piloting (Planetary), 2 ranks in Piloting (Space) and 2 ranks in Astronavigation.
  • Infirmary – The station includes an infirmary, stocked to handle any major accidents or outbreaks of disease. The infirmary includes beds for several patients, medical supplies, and a bacta tank with a supply of bacta.
  • Mechanic’s Garage – the station is equipped with a bay where mechanics can make repairs on vehicles and droids. This includes a full set of tools, and an oil bath for droids. When used to repair starships or vehicles, the character repairs 2 additional hull trauma and 2 additional system strain on a successful check.
  • In addition to the standard landing bay (2x Silhouette 3 ships)) the station can hold a total number of vehicles with a combined silhouette of 45, with no vehicle larger than silhouette 5 (taken 3/3 times).

For more information on these upgrades see p. 82-83, Far Horizons.


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