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  • The Nightmares of Ogoth Tiir

    h3. Mission Roster * [[:ghost | Ghost]] * [[:jibril-sayra | Jibril Sayra]] * [[:travok | Travok]] * [[:xerxes | Xerxes]] The group travelled to Ogoth Tiir, finding a decimated wasteland - far more radioactive (and with far more volatile storms …

  • The Nightmares of Ogoth Tiir - Epilogue

    *Int. Hoth Base Med Bay. Later that day.* [[:jibril-sayra | Jibril]] sits at an examination table with [[:ghost | Ghost]]. [[:travok | Travok]] floats in the large bacta tank, headphones on, opera blaring. At the back of the lab, one of the scientists …

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