Tobin Stryder


Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialisations: Gadgetteer, Assassin, Force Emergent, Artisan.
Species: Rodian.

Brawn Agility Intelect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 5 4 1 2
Soak Value Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defence Ranged Defence Melee
5 16 17 (21) 2 1
Combat Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Brawl (Br) No. of Ranks e.g. GG
Gunnery (Ag) 0 GGGG
Lightsaber (Br) 2 YYGG
Melee (Br) 0 GG
Ranged – Light (Ag) 1 YGGG
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) 2 YYGG
General Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int) No. of Ranks e.g. YYG
Athletics (Br) GG
Charm (Pr) GG
Coercion (Will) G
Computers (Int) YGGGG
Cool (Pr) GG
Coordination (Ag) GGGG
Deception (Cun) YGG
Leadership (Pr) GG
Mechanics (Int) YYGGG
Medicine (Int) GGGGG
Negotiation (Pr) GG
Perception (Cun) YGGGB
Piloting – Planetary (Ag) YGGG
Piloting – Space (Ag) YGGG
Resilience (Br) GG
Skulduggery (Cun) YGGG
Stealth (Ag) YGGG
Streetwise (Cun) YGGG
Survival (Cun) YGGG
Vigilance (Will) 0 YG
Knowledge Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int) No. of Ranks e.g. YYG
Education (Int) GGGGG
Lore (Int)
Outer Rim (Int
Underworld (Int)
Warfare (Int)
Xenology (Int)
Talent Name Page No. Description
Ability Page No. Description
Obligation Magnitude Complications
Bounty 5 Jedi
Lando (Jewel of Yavin) 5
Discovery (Answers) 5
Duty Value
Tech Proquirement Tie Inteptor sized value.
Morality Rating Emotional Strength Emotional Weakness
58 Obcession

Weapon Skill Damage Crit Range Special
Item Encumbrance Location
Total Experience Available Experience
Blank Blank

Tobin Stryder

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