Teroch Shrike

Clan Chief and House Lord of the Shrike family.


Teroch Shrike is Clan Chief of House Shrike, making him House Lord – Leader of Clan Shrke. He fought during the Mandalorian Civil War as a Death Watch loyalist against the forces led by the Zabrak usurper, known as Maul. After the war the Mandalorians fell into in-fighting and House Shrike fell onto hard times.

Some amongst House Shrike perceive Teroch as weak, some even blame him for the hard times that have befallen the House in recent years under the rule of the Empire. This perception is not helped by the rumours that swirl Teroch around his supposed actions at the Battle of Hyber Valley during the war. It is rumoured that Teroch passed key intelligence to the enemy that cost the Death Watch loyalists the battle. The veracity of these rumours is unclear.

Teroch’s surviving direct family consists of his children, Travis and Taonas, and his brother, Thenn.

Now in his seventies, Teroch has become very sick in the last year; it is believed by attending medics that he will very likely die in the coming weeks. Even if he survives his illness, he is highly unlikely to recover enough to lead House Shrike.


Teroch means ‘pitiless’ in Mando’a.

Teroch Shrike

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