AKA Winter


A tall, slender woman with shoulder-length silver hair, in her early 20’s – she bears an elegant grace that borders on regal, but there is also something sad in her expression, something wistful. You don’t know much about her, just that she was Dillon’s contact in the Alliance, specifically in the Requisitions area and that she disappeared almost as soon as you arrived aboard the Mon Remonda.

Over a year later Ghost encountered Winter on Bespin during the Empire’s takeover. Winter was heading up a Rebel Alliance cell that specialised in acquiring Tibbana gas and supplies. She and members of her cell (including an ultra-violent Ugnaught named Aldrich) aided Ghost in sneaking into the spaceport in order to get off-world.

After the departure of Predator Squadron Winter and her cell began morphing into an organised resistance movement to disrupt Imperial operations on Cloud City.



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