RC-1701 A.K.A. Blisk

Blisk was a Republic Commando frozen in carbonite during the Clone Wars. He now fights for the future denied to his brothers.


Blisk was a Republic Commando during the Clone Wars. During the Battle of Rethi Prime he was frozen in carbonite.

Over the course of two decades his carbonite bust eventually ended up in the hands of Kaltho the Hutt. This bust was stolen by Tobin Stryder and eventually defrosted by the Rebel Alliance.

Since reawakening in the modern galaxy, Blisk has spent the majority of his time recovering in the medical centre of Echo Base. Sandy retreated to the med centre with his squad during the battle where he found Blisk in a bacta tank. Sandy broke him out and Blisk fought alongside his ‘General’ to hold off the Empire until reinforcements in the shape of Predator Squadron arrived.

Blisk has developed the informal nickname The Carbonite Man.

Blisk sought assignment aboard the Angel of Lothal, where he could help train their complement of troops. The structure of life aboard the ship helped remind him of his time training on Kamino. Given all the changes he suddenly went through since being reawoken from carbonite, perhaps this gave him comfort. Blisk did briefly help Predator Squadron out during the events of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper.

Blisk was present aboard the Angel of Lothal for the Battle of Mimban. He was aboard when the ship jumped into a confrontation with Darth Vader’s Executor Super Star Destroyer, this annihilated the Angel, but the overall strategy did result in saving personnel from the Rebel base on the surface of the planet. It is presumed that Blisk was aboard when the ship was destroyed and crashed into a lava field. Although Tobin Stryder contends that Blisk must have some how survived, even mistaking Ace for Blisk when Ace first joined the squad.


It turned out that Blisk did indeed survive the Battle of Mimban and the destruction of the Angel of Lothal. He was held captive aboard the second Death Star. When Ace was captured, he escaped and broke his brother out. They assisted each other in getting to the an under construction section disguised as Stormtroopers, where there was the possibility of escape. However, they turned back in an attempt to rescue Tobin’s father, who they knew was also held somewhere on the Death Star.

They tracked Gabriel Stryder to an office underneath the power core of the Death Star, an incredibly well guarded location. They encountered an Arkanian Inquisitor there, who pulled Blisk towards him with the Force and stabbed him in the neck with his lightsaber, before Ace managed to escape into the vacuum of space.

Despite the fact that some still contend Blisk could have survived being stabbed by a lightsaber in the neck, his fate looked rather grim when Ace was sucked into space.

Known Clone Wars History

Predator Squadron know that Blisk served during the Clone Wars from the Battle of Geonosis to the Battle of Rethi Prime. A little over a year into the war his entire squad ended up being killed.

Blisk revealed that he knew Jedi Master Suljo Warde. He clearly holds a great deal of respect for the Jedi, describing him as a great man. He revealed that Warde saved his life and ended up getting captured in the process. Blisk fought alongside Warde’s apprentices to rescue the Jedi General from the clutches of General Greivous. It was a few weeks after these events that Blisk ended up frozen in carbonite.

He mentioned to Ace that he ended up freezing himself in carbonite to escape an exploding Separatist ship during the Battle of Rethi Prime. He’d anticipated his brothers, or his Jedi comrades finding him, but they never did.

RC-1701 A.K.A. Blisk

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