Mercedes Vanadiaz

Brash hotshot pilot who filled in as leader of Vortex Squadron whilst Rik Torrence was ill.


Brash, assured of her own skills, possible functioning alcoholic with a gambling problem (possibly), Mercedes Vanadiaz is one of the rising stars of Arda Base. Only 20-years old, she has demonstrated the ability to outfly pilots of over twice her experience.

To test the mettle of her fill-ins she challenged them to a test of skill, specifically a drinking contest, whilst at the same time playing sabacc (in which she lost handily to Dex with an idiot’s array, the only hand that could beat her hand of pure sabacc [althougn Dex may have had some illicit help from Tobin]).

She fought in the skies above the Gauntlet and survived the battle.

Mercedes Vanadiaz

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