Kaltho the Hutt


The great Hutt Kaltho is a curious sight and much smaller than the norm for one of his standing (he only dines on the finest of delicacies). He is still as enormous as an adult Hutt would naturally be, with the occasional grotesque fold of loose skin indicating some past act of gluttony before he began to waste away. When in public or in a gathering with outsiders, a Kaltho conceals his shrunken body with a massive black garment of Corellian nanosilk embroidered with great scenes from the history and mythology of the Hutts.

Kaltho is the current leader of the Veradi Clan, a mid-level clan for which his holdings provide a lot of income.


Predator Squadron first encountered Kaltho the Hutt as a bidder on the Jewel of Yavin. Mike Sykes of predator squadron was coerced by an undercover Imperial agent into delivering a message to Kaltho during the pre-auction event. What effect this had on the bidding is unknown, but Kaltho did not react well to this message.

Kaltho was the winner of the auction, it was his money that they stole from him. Although they returned the Jewel, playing it off as an official security testing exercise (under false credentials), Kaltho vowed to find who dared have the gall to steal from him.

Angered at this slight, and his perceived lack of motivation on the part of the Cloud City administration to investigate the matter further, Kaltho launched an underworld trade war upon Cloud City. He had his operatives disrupt shipments of Tibanna Gas. When he found out that a performance troupe that he sponsored had been commissioned by the city to perform an opera, he pressured them to pull out. He is also rumoured to have whipped the Ugnaught Worker’s Union into a frenzy around their pay and conditions.

Predator Squadron were asked by Lando Calrissian to fill in for the missing performance troupe and perform a grand opera in the hopes of wooing a favourable contract from the mining guild. Whilst preparing for this task, a group of thugs harassed them, threatening them with Kaltho’s wrath.

Predator Squadron traced this group to a dock in the Industrial District, when it became clear that this dock was being used for smuggling they attacked. Although they took out the majority of the dock’s workers, a Firespray took off. Predator Squadron later found that one guard had used the comm system to identify Predator Squadron as their attackers.

Tobin Stryder departed Predator Squadron temporarily and set about planning a break in to Kaltho’s vault, seeking the Jewel of Yavin in an effort to draw out Dillinger. Upon breaking in to the lower levels of Kaltho’s skyscraper, Tobin found Elaiza in a cell. She had apparently had similar ideas to Tobin and broke in, but was caught. Tobin and his team fought their way to the vault and set about stealing rare valuables. Tobin reprogrammed one of Kaltho’s security droids and reset its threat assessment to “artwork” being the highest priority.

Tobin and his team escaped, although Elaiza took the Jewel of Yavin (which was then stolen from her by a mysterious Inquisitor). Tobin returned to his team at their warehouse, and became entrapped by Kaltho’s thugs. The rest of Predator Squadron, who were investigating the schemes of Admiral Rathbone on Nar Shaddaa, were led to Tobin’s position by ‘Roadkill’, the droid dog belongoing to Mike Sykes. Predator Squadron annihilated Kaltho’s thugs and rescued Tobin.

Due to the actions of Predator Squadron during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa Kaltho the Hutt was warned off further reprisals against them by the Hutt Council. How long Kaltho chooses to abide by this ruling is another matter. Hutts are patient and have long memories; Kaltho will not soon forget the slights committed against him by Predator Squadron.

10 months later Predator Squadron returned to Nar Shaddaa. Galish killed an Aqualish who carried an Ardos Disk which bore the crest of the Veradi Clan – Kaltho’s clan. A bounty has now been placed on Galish.

Serriously guys, what has Kaltho ever done to you?

The Attempted Assassination of Kaltho the Hutt

Whilst undergoing training Jacen Briggs discovered information that suggested that Kaltho was behind the death of his parents. He, along with Mara Jade, instigated a plan to assassinate Kaltho in the Varl system – the ancient homeworld of the Hutts.

Predator Squadron intervened at the behest of Dei the Great, boarding his yacht. It was here that Tobin convinced Jacen to take the Hutt alive. Upon confronting Kaltho about Jacen’s parents, Kaltho claimed to have no involvement – he blamed Dei. He said she was once a mid-level Hutt in the Veradi Clan, but used the information on Jacen’s parents, selling them out to the Empire, in order to secure their aid in defecting from Veradi to Gorenzla. As proof he produced a series of love letters written between the two of them – the dates that the correspondence ceased lined up within a few months of the deaths of Jacen’s parents.

Predator Squadron escaped the doomed yacht with Kaltho (having convinced him that Dei still had feelings for him). They returned him to Nar Shaddaa and brought him before Dei (when she had said she wished her influence to remain unobserved). Dei was furious, ordering everyone out of her court. Predator Squadron departed the planet with great haste.

Cassie Cygnet arrived on Nar Shaddaa the next day. Dei presented her with Kaltho’s corpse – stuffed and mounted upon her wall. Cassie helped Dei cover up the death by using a recording of Gladios Ryk’s death (where the assailant praised ), shifting the blame from Dei to them. In order to facilitate this deception Dei executed every member of her court. The only ones who know the truth – that Dei killed Kaltho with her own hands – are the members of Predator Squadron, Dei herself and her trusted major-domo.


To be determined…

Kaltho the Hutt

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