Irene Rathbone


Irene hails from the Bodan, a minor noble house from Naboo. She met Bazil Rathbone, then merely a commander in the Imperial Navy on shore leave, at the Festival of Light (a Naboo festival). They began a romantic relationship whilst he was on rotation with an anti-pirate task force in the sector.

After a courtship of some 18 months, in which he saw her infrequently due to his duties to the navy, Bazil proposed. His deployment was soon to end and he feared he’d never see her again. Irene’s parents pressured her into accepting the proposal. This was immediately after his victory at Chommell Minor – he was a rising star in the fleet, and it could increase their standing.

Irene accepted, and moved back to Coruscant with Bazil. Although she marveled at the lights of the traffic and the heights of the space-scrapers, she quickly grew bored. Coruscant was a hollow place, full of fake smiles and false promises. She had no friends there, and the climate did not agree with her – she missed the open plains of Naboo and the waterfalls of Theed, but she was stuck in a concrete jungle.

Bazil was promoted to captain and grew even more distant, both literally and figuratively. He spent more time away from home, and what time they spent together often involved attending various official functions. These functions where often long, droll affairs and Bazil had little time for her even then, spending most of his time conversing with other naval officers.

To some, this life would not be so bad – she was reasonably wealthy and attended fairly glamorous parties. Irene thought she might have found it tolerable, had Bazil not been so controlling. His personal security detail shadowed her everywhere. She could not so much as leave their apartment to spend some time in a public park enjoying the sun without falling under the scrutiny of her husband.

One day she met a charming Twi’lek named Dex, the Twi’lek wasn’t as constricting as Bazil, he seemed to enjoy life and encouraged her to try new exciting things, regaining some joy in her life. This eventually stopped when Dex’s partner Rlek betrayed him and informed Bazil of their relationship.

Bazil was furious, obviously. He became much more controlling in the aftermath of this revelation. Her parents practically disowned her, for not only did she dare to cheat on her husband, she had the audacity to do so with a non-human. Things only got worse from there. Whereas before her shadows were subtle, now they were obvious – it was as if Bazil wished to flaunt his control of her life in her face. As the months wore on this got worse, until one day her security stopped her from leaving the apartment citing a nebulous “security threat”. This security threat lasted a number of weeks, until eventually security stopped explaining why she could not leave the apartment, just “orders”.

Bazil would stop by for his flying visits. In a strange way she began to look forward to them. If Bazil was on-world, that usually meant he had some function of some sort to attend, and if he had some function to attend that meant she would at least be able to go out, albeit under heavy guard.

On a particularly special trip, Bazil took her to Cloud City as his official escort. Bazil was often distracted by his work escorting an ambassador from the Mining Guild to meet Baron Administrator Calrissian, and his security was much more relaxed, given Cloud City’s status outside the Empire. As if fate or some other force intervened, she had the bizarest thought during the opera (the centrepiece of Calrissian’s display to woo the Mining Guild) – “That Twi’lek portraying Palpatine looks a lot like Dex underneath that make up. Wait a second…”

Evading her ‘bodyguards’, she waited outside the backstage entrance after the performance concluded – it was Dex. She told him she longed for a life of excitement and adventure, that she wanted to get away from Bazil, he did not love her like Dex did. She wanted to feel alive. Despite his initial protestations, Dex agreed to take her with him. Together they ran, into the night, unknown adventures and perils awaiting them.

Irene joined the Rebel Alliance and undertook training as an Intelligence Analyst. Sadly this did not last. She was called to service with Predator Squadron and Dex to investigate rumours that her estranged husband had some plot for Nar Shaddar. Her safe house was broken into by Imperial agents who took he to the Reichenbach. Predator Squadron attempted a simultaneous rescue and sabotage mission during the ensuing battle. They found Irene in luxury quarters at the aft of the command tower. She had been rigged with explosive devices which were linked to life-signs monitors synced with Bazil. Unfortunately she died when Asmodeus shot her to remove the admiral’s leverage. The ensuing explosion meant that the Rebellion was unable to recover a body.

She was honoured with the rest of the fallen from the Battle of Nar Shaddar with a memorial service at the Rebel Fleet’s next stop.

Irene Rathbone

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