Out of the snow comes a lone droid, skeletal, spindly. A cylindrical head perches upon its shoulders, it swivels it’s 2 glowing red photoreceptors to bear upon you. Grasped in it’s clamp-like hands is a menacing-looking rotary cannon, and you see an assortment of ordinance arrayed around it’s body.


IG-88 is an assassin/bounty hunter droid. Predator Squadron first encountered him on the planet Skye, where the icy-hearted droid attacked them to try and acquire the Onderon Crest. They escaped the droid, but it pursued him using a custom model Aggressor-Class Attack Starfighter, the IG-2000.

The same Aggressor Starfighter reappeared during the Battle of Mimban, speeding towards the Rebel base. This was shortly after the squad found a tracker aboard the Honey Badger.


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