Kaida Valentine



Kaida Valentine
Alias(s): Ghost, The Inquisitor

Standing 5’6" with a slight build, to describe Kaida as physically imposing would be a poor joke on the best of days, and while her Imperial service records indicate she is in her early twenties her appearance casts serious doubts on this appearing closer to a teenager than an adult.

Identification in a crowd can be difficult given her young appearance and lack of identifiable markings. While she possesses piercing green eyes and red hair that has long since passed soldier regulations that may occasioanally make her stand out, her reputation as a ghost is not undeserved.

Kaida’s reputation as a fearsome soldier has survived mostly intact in spite of her innocent appearance thanks mostly in part to a heavily customised suit of battle armour. The original base was designed for the Alliance during the height of the galactic civil war, however thanks to the unique talents of Tobin Stryder the finished product barely resembles the original design.

A far more imposing sight than Kaida herself the “Einherjar” configuration sports tougher armour plates, EM hardened battle systems, an integrated rotary blaster cannon connected to a neuro-link, and a full suite of terrain modifications that permit additional maneuverability both submerged and airborne. Coupled with a pair of rotary lightsabers on each of her forearms and a supernatural ability to predict enemy movement there are few soldiers that can doubt her effectiveness on the battlefield.

At present a high priority order has been issued by General Calrissian for her apprehension and detention, rumoured to be at her own request. Confirmation of this information is pending…




An orphan from the troubled planet Ogoth Tiir. Joining the Imperial academy at a young age, Kaida distinguished herself as an elite cadet, catching the attention of the Inquisitors.

Selected for specialist training by The Wraith, Kaida was put through a strict and extensive training regime to draw out any potential force ability. After months of training (and equal amounts of torture), she was deemed to be a failure, incapable of focusing her latent abilities, and returned to the academy to finish her trooper training.

Unable to tap into her potential, Kaida instead refocused herself on bettering her non-force abilities, becoming a phantom that can strike from the shadows and vanish into thin air, earning the call sign “Ghost”.

Funneling key data to the Rebellion, Kaida worked as a double agent until the request of Mike Sykes to join the Rebellion to watch over Predator squadron in his absence.

A chance encounter with a surviving Jedi changed her fate, travelling to the frozen world of Ice 9 and being subjected to an awakening of her own innate abilities.

Due to an incident with a “Fountain of Youth”, Ghost now looks far too young to be a professional soldier, commanding the appropriate fear and respect from enemies and allies only up until they see her without her combat armour.

Still coming to terms with having to relive her adolescent years her world was once again turned on it’s head at the Grand Granee Noopa, engaging a squad comprised of six of herself. After the destruction of the station and subsequent escape, Kaida is now troubled over what to do with the two remaining clones she rescued along with the repercussions of having copies running around the galaxy…


Kaida’s character sheet is located here.
Information on her Sisters can be found here.

Now the legal owner of Dathomir.

Kaida Valentine

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