General Ran Niall

One of the three leaders of the Arda I base.


General Niall is part of the triumvirate that leads the Arda I base. He commanded the defence of the Gauntlet and gave his life defending the base.


Ran Niall was a decorated Imperial Navy captain during the early years of the Empire, captaining the vessel the Pride of Stars. The ship had traveled to the Imperial shipyards above Mon Cala for routine maintenance and crew leave. During this leave, Niall witnessed an atrocity on the surface of the surface of the planet, as Imperial stormtroopers gunned down a series of shopkeepers who had spoken out against the rising taxation and harsh penalties imposed by the Empire. This event shook Niall to his core and changed his life forever.

While the ship was undergoing repairs, Niall decided to strike out with his vessel, vowing that he would find a more honourable government for which to fight. his bridge crew consisted of people whom he trusted implicitly, and they had no reservations about joining him in his rebellion. In the decades since, Ran Niall has been a vital member of the Alliance, adding his leadership and tactical acumen to many victories against the Empire. An assault corvette’s turbo laser scuttled the Pride of Stars years ago, and today Niall spends most of his time commanding from Arda I, though he longs to be at the forefront of the battle lines, engaging the Empire directly.

General Niall is the oldest and most experienced of the base’s leaders, with a full head of silver-blond hair buzzed short. He sees potential in both Setenna and Danel and teaches them as much as he can, so they can one day be leaders in their own right. He values the life of every soldier under his command and is beloved by them in return, though he is strict with those who disobey him or the other commanders.

General Ran Niall

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