Dillon is an old friend of Mike Sykes, together they fought as mercenaries during the Clone Wars. After many years working for Czerka as a mercenary, he ‘retired’ to Chieweb-3 as Czerka’s representative on-planet (retired in the sense that it’s a desk job on a quiet planet, that paid quite well). Although the colony was ruled by a democratic council, everything to Czerka went through Dillon.

Sykes re-entered Dillon’s life when he brought the Predators to Chieweb-3 after escaping ORD Mantell. Dillon arranged for the repair of their ship in return for them doing jobs he needed doing on the frontier. This led them into conflict with the Roxxon Corporation as they worked to further the aims of Czerka, the Cieweb-3 colony and Dillon. It also led them to investigating mysterious relics of an ancient civilisation.

After the ISB tracked Predator Squadron to Chieweb-3, Dillon revealed to them that he was working for the Rebel Alliance. He used his position as a frontier trading post to disguise Rebel ship movements and funnel them supplies through his contact, “Targeter”.

Realising his position was unsustainable if the Empire arrived, Dillon chose to flee Chieweb-3 with Predator Squadron, hoping that their absence would protect the colony he had worked to build. Dillon got in touch with “Targeter” and arranged to meet on The Wheel. “Targeter” was pursued to the meeting by Imperial agents and a shootout occurred. Tragically, Dillon was fatally wounded during this fight.

Although he died before the Predators joined the Rebel Alliance, Dillon is responsible for getting them in contact. One could therefore argue that every wound Predator Squadron have dealt the Empire is part of his legacy.


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