Dean Kessler

“The Flag changes, but the real fight starts here.”


Specialist Dean Kessler enlisted aged 17 (Only due to using a fake I.D) on a Alliance Cell in Corellia. Details Classified

He was transferred from Cell to Cell for conduct unbecoming of a Alliance operative for numerous offenses, most disciplinary issues until he finally was transferred into Green Squadron taken under the wing of Captain Skye and Commander Feim Teks. The attitude of the young Ensign shaped up to Alliance standards enough to keep him on board, and has since served the Alliance with distinction.

After the Battle of Yavin, Dean joined the newly Promoted Commander Skye to form the newly formed Crimson Squadron, spearheaded by the Commander and guided by Lieutenant Information redacted.

Crimson Squadron met it’s unfortunate end at the battle of Endor, each member was given a postmortem Promoted while Dean was Promoted to Specialist ranks by his former Commanding officer Admiral Ackbar.

Specialist Kessler is currently under the Command of General Lando Calrissian, transferred to Predator Squadron. It is the New Republic’s hope that the Specialist will continue to serve with distinction through these tough times.

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Dean Kessler

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