Colonel Pellar

"My first name? Colonel".


Predator Squadron encountered Colonel Pellar when under siege from Rathtars whilst vacationing at Chipp’s Holiday Resort. Pellar was himself on vacation, having saved up shore leave over 8 years of service.

It was clear from his demeanour that he was a military man. Pellar worked alongside these “opportunists” to defend 30 civilians from escaped Rathtars. It was Pellar’s security clearance that stopped a Star Destroyer from bombarding the island and enabled them to evacuate the civilians via its shuttles.

Pellar left with the civilians, departing with a mutual respect for the outfit known as Predator Squadron (unfortunately Mesa had been a little too loose-lipped. Jacen was able to wipe the Colonel’s memory of him, but not the squad as a whole). He hoped that they would meet under better circumstances in the future.

As they left the planet Predator Squadron were hailed by the Star Destroyer. Colonel Pellar said that he had been informed who they are by “a certain ”/characters/lieutenant-klevic" class=“wiki-content-link”>lieutenant, who said to say hello".

Colonel Pellar

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