Carlist Rieekan


A general in the Rebel Alliance from Alderaan, he had served in the Clone Wars before joining the staff of the Royal House of Alderaan and becoming a founding member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

He was present in the Alderaan system the day his home world was destroyed. Stationed at Deelya, a planet further out from Alderaan, he received thousands of distress calls from his doomed world. He chose not to act that day, fearing that if he were identified near Alderaan it would explicitly tie it to the Rebel Alliance, dooming it. He did not suspect that the Empire were there to thoroughly obliterate the planet.

Rieeken has a reputation as a morose and paranoid man, but he also has the reputation of a man who’s intricate plans and procedures have saved the Alliance from destruction several times.

Rieeken first heard of Predator Squadron when he read the report of the destruction of the Death’s Head, General Kevlan’s flagship. He resolved to keep an eye on the exploits of this unit, he could see the inherent value of a unit such as this to the Alliance. Although he did not meet the squadron until the aftermath of the Battle of Nar Shaddar, he had heard of how instrumental they were in the evacuation of Arda I and resolved to work with them. Transferring the entire of Senior Advisor Setenna Hase’s operations (and Setenna Hase herself) into his command, he ensured that Predator Squadron would be at his disposal.

Carlist Rieekan

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