Captain Ralchio Nervi

An Imperial captain, launching a secret attack on the Xorrn facility.


Predator Squadron have not yet directly encountered Captain Nervi, but he is coming to Xorrn with a task force to assault the Foundry Four facility there. He is known to be a prideful social climber, ambitious, but paranoid.

Alliance Intelligence have prepared an intelligence profile of Captain Nervi with the assistance of the deep cover agent within the ranks of his ship:

Background: An odd lack of public information on Nervi exists prior to Ralcho’s marriage to Lila Nervi. Ralchio took her last name and enrolled at the Rengali Imperial Naval Academy. Graduated with average marks, but held an unprecedented winning record in head-to-head combat situations. Served as a lieutenant int he 14th Sector Fleet.

Eventually came to the attention of Moff Ravik during a sabacc game at a social event on Ryloth. Made captain under Moff Ravik thanks in large part to Lila Nervi’a lobbying. Still, Ralchio remains desperate for an admiralty or Moff appointment.

Weaknesses: An inferiority complex that expresses itself as a constant need to exhibit his authority. A ruthless social climber constantly trying to improve his station. Promoted beyojdnhis actual talents. Feels threatened by talented officers under his command. Extreme paranoia, specifically of losing his position.

Tactics: By the book, he brings as much force to bear as he can with a conservative reserve. However, has a preternatural knack for redeploying his forces mid-battle to great success. Xorrn invasion plan is to enter the system and overwhelm orbital defences. After securing orbit, he’ll land troops just outside target, where they can employ safely in great numbers before swarming target.

Rumours: Keeps a variety of mistresses, as he married purely to benefit his career. Has a keen mind for predicting his opponent’s moves, which is why he is so effective at redeployment.

Captain Ralchio Nervi

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