Captain Horton Salm


Horton Salm comes from the planet Norval II, located in the Calaron sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Before the Galactic Civil War broke out, he joined the Imperial Academy, and eventually graduated as a TIE Bomber pilot. He served with distinction for the Empire, until he defected to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

He served the Alliance as a starfighter pilot, preferring to fly Koensayr BTL Y-Wing star fighters over newer craft, stating that they always got him home in one piece.

He was promoted up through the ranks, and transferred from Starfighter Command to Fleet. He eventually achieved the rank of Commander and given control of the Mon Remonda and her task force. Their mission was to disrupt Imperial operations in the Charlgoal Sector. This led to a deadly cat and mouse chase across the sector with General Kevlan’s forces.

His task force was the nearest Alliance group with infrastructure when Predator Squadron fled the Empire at the Wheel. He formerly inducted them into the Alliance; seeing potential in them and passed them over to Lieutenant Klevic for supervision.

Over the coming weeks he came to appreciate their out of the box strategies and their willingness to take on even the craziest assignment and began to rely on Predator Squadron and Lieutenant Klevic all the more. This would ultimately be his undoing in Fleet Command.

The revelation that Lieutenant Klevic was an Imperial spy, combined with the escape of the captured General Kevlan and fresh on the heels of the heavy losses his task force sustained in the victory at Junka-7 made his position in command of the task force untenable as far as Fleet Command was concerned. It did not help that he seemed reliant on a unit of scoundrels, a unit that was very much Klevic’s pet project. It was disastrous that he had a first officer in Captain O’Kan who was very much after his job and not afraid to show it.

Salm was given a choice: decommission Predator Squadron or demotion. He chose demotion and a transfer back to Starfighter Command, glad to be rid of the shackles of commanding a capital ship.

Leading Polearm Squadron in Y-Wings, he fought alongside Predator Squadron at the Skirmish at Norl. Together they organised concentrated bombardments against the engines of the Death’s Head whilst the Star Destroyer was trapped against the planet’s gravity well by it’s two largest moons. This resulted in the destruction of the Death’s Head.

Salm was transfered to Alliance R&D, where he spent time testing prototype starfighters for the Alliance. Stationed aboard the Vigilant at New Alderaan, he encountered Dex and “Ghost” as they arrived with their warning of the impending Imperial attack. He fought at the Battle of New Alderaan and was one of the lucky ones to escape that battle alive.

Captain Horton Salm

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