AKA "Vex"


C3-V3X (a.k.a. “Vex”) was the personal aide to Commander Salm during his time as commander of the Mon Remonda’s task force to disrupt Imperial operations in the Chargoal Sector. His primary job was to deal with any administrative the Commander delegated. He earned his nickname with good reason due to his overly-talkative personality and obsession with procedure and proper channels. Salm once refered to the droid as the bane of his existence.

After Salm’s demotion Vex was transferred to the Angel of Lothal. He has since served in that post for 18 months. Predator Squadron encountered him again when they responded to a distress call from the Angel. Vex was delighted to see his ‘old friend’ Gand again, although he struggled with remembering his rank.

Vex ended up in charge of co-ordinating head of logistics for the Angel of Lothal. Presumably he was destroyed along with the ship during the Battle of Mimban.


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