The mysterious bounty hunter who was referenced in a letter Tobin Stryder found on Dillinger’s body. Amisythe tracked down Tobin to Corellia, but Oz deceived her into thinking Tobin was elsewhere.

Amisythe finally tracked Tobin down for revenge on Nar Shaddaa. This was whilst Predator Squadron were investigating the attempted assassination of Kaltho the Hutt. Amisythe suspected that Tobin himself was behind the attempted assassination (him having a history of antagonising Kaltho), and hoped to use it to track him down.

She attempted to snipe the group, but got disabled in the ensuing battle and was subdued. She then revealed that she was Tobin’s half-sister (and indeed a Rodian like Tobin, not a human like he suspected), raised mostly by Dillinger. She explained that Tobin’s father had worked with Dillinger during the Clone Wars. In that time they had come to know a handful of Jedi Generals. In the aftermath of the war, the two of them assisted the Jedi in escaping the wrath of the Empire. Their father had had an affair with Amisythe’s mother. Unfortunately the Empire tracked the Jedi down and slaughtered them. It was after this event that Dillinger helped their father fake his own death in order to protect his family from the Empire (he apparently did this a little too well, Tobin believing that Dillinger killed his father).

She also mentioned that their father had had an interest in kyber crystals and their applications. She hasn’t seen him for many years, he was last heard from doing some research into the lightsaber crystals.

An uneasy alliance has now been formed between the siblings, and she has agreed to help Predator Squadron protect Kaltho the Hutt from assassination, meaning she is travelling to Varl with them.

Although her full name is Amisythe, she prefers “Ami” for short.


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