Star Wars: Predators

The Nightmares of Ogoth Tiir

Mission Roster

The group travelled to Ogoth Tiir, finding a decimated wasteland – far more radioactive (and with far more volatile storms than previously. They found the ruins of the orphanage in which Ghost grew up – blackened by blasterfire (likely from an AT-ST), clearly the sight of a battle. Ghost left with no clue as to where her family was. They were then attacked by the ravenous creatures that had previously infested the Dag-O-Bar.

Their ship was accidentally sabotaged by a survivor, who used their fuel reserves to destroy some of the creatures. This survivor led them to a colony of survivors on the wreckage of a Separatist battleship out in the lake (where Predator Squadron had previously met the head of a resistance movement on planet). They explained that they were the remnants of the Resistance – the Empire had begun a huge clampdown against such movements on the planet some months ago. As part of this clampdown, the Empire arrested the orphans and the people who ran the orphanage, taking them to the Imperial garrison.

It was some time after this that the creatures arrived. They spread through the town through a plague. The Empire tried to fight, but found themselves overwhelmed by numbers. The Imperial forces evacuated, leaving the surviving civilians to fend for themselves. One of the resistance scouts reported seeing a huge flash of green light coming from the sky, out by the Imperial garrison, but they lost contact with him.

Predator Squadron decided to check out the Imperial base. They flew there through the storm, finding the base in the eye of the storm and overrun by those creatures. They landed on the roof, their arrival attracted the attention of those creatures, so they began clearing the area. Blasting the creatures, and their larger, more aggressive paler counterparts, they heard a terrible screaming sound. Streaking through the clear skies of the eye they spotted the silhouettes of a pair of Imperial TIE model starfighters descending towards the base….



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