Star Wars: Predators

The Empire Strikes - Part One

The Corellian Conflict and Echo Base Under Siege

Mission Roster

Jacen Briggs
Tobin Stryder

The Corellian Conflict

Jacen, Tobin and Ghost were holed up in the house preparing their strategy. Tobin planned to demolish the house to create a smokescreen to aid their escape. As they went into the kitchen to prepare this and escape through the back door, 6 unidentified wolf-like creatures (which had previously pursued Gand and Sandy on Ossus) burst in through the back door and engaged them.

Simultaneously Stormtroopers began cutting their way in through the front door. Predator Squadron used the dilapidated state of the building to their advantage by blasting enemies into holes and collapsing the ceiling upon them. One creature snacked on Jacen’s lightsaber, destroying the hilt as Jacen drove the saber through it’s throat. Jacen retrieved his lightsaber crystal as he and Ghost headed into the back garden whilst Tobin prepared the detonation charges in the centre of the house.

In the back garden they encountered two figures – one, the brutish human who cost Tobin his arm; the other a mysterious masked figure wielding a double-bladed vibrosword. Ghost withdrew to a sniping position on a roof-top further back as Jacen attempted to escape. Tobin had set the charges and blew them as he jetpacked out of the house, grabbing Jacen as he flew past.

Unfortunately they did not get far as the jetpack gave out under the weight and they fell into the alleyway beneath Ghost’s building. The Inquisitors very quickly caught up and attempted to engage them again. Ghost attempted to snipe from the building, but the masked Inquisitor used the Force to rip Ghost from her vantage point.

Predator Squadron determined to run, splitting up and heading in three different directions – Jacen disappearing into the crowded streets of Coronet City, Ghost using Rocket Boots to hop rooftop to rooftop and evade patrols, and Tobin headed to where he had previously called his speeder bike to.

Meanwhile at the Blue Sector Spaceport, where the Dusk Mynock and Predator Squadron’s two Y-Wings were docked, Oz and Gand enjoyed hot chocolate until they were interrupted by some aggressive looking fellows. They said they were looking for Tobin on behalf of their employer and suggested that the Mynock was Tobin’s ship. Oz convinced them that he did not know a Tobin Stryder. They believed him and departed, alerting him to the bounty on Tobin’s head.

En route back to the Spaceport, Tobin arrived at his bike and was ambushed by the Inquisitor with red hair. She was able to sneak right up on Tobin – enough to put her vibroblade right at the back of his neck before he noticed. Ghost appeared on a rooftop and pointed her sniper-rifle at her. The Inquisitor used Tobin as a shield, pointing her vibroblade right up to his eye, saying that if she died she’d end Tobin. Ghost withdrew. The Inquisitor interrogated Tobin, asking where the staff was, she noted that Vader was after it. Tobin replied that it was at their base – he wouldn’t take it on a mission. She replied that she knew of their icy base and that Vader would deal with it soon enough. The Inquisitor disappeared into the night and Tobin went to his bike, finding that the ignition wire had been unplugged.

One by one the squad returned to the spaceport to find that another group of mercenaries were outside (having been hammering on the door for 15 minutes with neither Gand nor Oz going to check). Oz asked them what they wanted, they presented them with a hologram of their leader. The leader was wearing a leather jacket and face-mask, head covered in what Tobin recognised as Dillinger’s hat. They too were looking for Tobin, having ran into the other group and used their leads; although this group were looking for Tobin for personal reasons, rather than monetary. They did not state what these reasons were, but Tobin could guess, the leader having introduced themselves as “Ame”. Oz convinced them that Tobin was not here, whilst Tobin hid himself from sight. The bounty hunters departed.

Thanks to Oz’s bribery of the spaceport control techs, Predator Squadrons ships had been moved up in priority of departures. After an hour’s wait they blasted off as Tobin frantically tried to raise Echo Base on comms. After talking with Setenna, the squad rushed to Hoth, fearing what they may find when they arrived.

The Battle of Hoth Begins

Predator Squadron arrived at Hoth thanks to some expert navigation of the hyperspace lanes. They were met by Setenna in the main hanger bay. As she led them to General Rieekan in the command centre she informed them of their week.

It had been eventful, with several Wampa attacks on the base, some starfighter losses due to a raid at Subterrel, then Commander Skywalker went missing for a few days and finally they discovered a weird signal that morning.

Entering the command centre, Predator Squadron waited whilst General Rieekan dealt with a report on the weird signal – an Imperial Probe droid. Rieekan ordered the evacuation and began briefing Predator Squadron on the defence of the base.

Rieekan wanted Predator Squadron to hold the ion cannon. It was vital for the evacuation of the base that the ion cannon remain active for as long as possible. However, he also ordered Predator Squadron to make preparations to destroy the cannon to ensure it did not fall into enemy hands. Gand liked this order.

Predator Squadron rallied in the north hanger as the base erupted into action. Pilots were gathering, briefing on the evacuation procedure. Squads of troopers were forming up, arming up and moving out onto the northern front. Technicians were frantically moving from ship to ship, making last minute tune-ups and refueling.

Predator Squadron were approached by Wes Janson, he told them that they were short on pilots and asked if they had any hands free. Oz volunteered to join him. Janson led him over to a store room, handed him an orange flight suit and helmet. “Welcome to Rogue Squadron”.

The ion defence detachment of Predator Squadron geared up and made their way to the access tunnel to the ion cannon. Elsewhere Travis Shrike was arming up a squad of “berserkers” to hit the southern front, where the Empire was projected to use as a staging area. Sandy led a squad of troopers out to the northern trenches. Travok ensured the smooth distribution of supplies and ammunition to the various front lines. Gladios Ryk was embedded in the snow trenches of the northern ridge, triaging the wounded. Mesa had presumably found her way into a ship somewhere. Meanwhile Cassie was documenting the entire battle with her cam droid as she aided in the preparation for evacuation.

At the ion cannon, the ion detachment found two squads of troopers waiting to help. They had two trench-lines to defend, along with antipersonnel cannons. Tobin started preparing the first trench-line with proton grenades set to a detonator as the Imperial assault force approached.

The first wave consisted of several squads of Snowtroopers supported by an AT-ST. But this force merely grabbed the defender’s attention whilst a squad of Imperial Commandos swung around to hit their right flank. Ghost dealt with the commandos whilst Jacen rallied the troops and Gand planned his thorough destruction of the ion cannon. Oz (Rogue 12) was called in with a TIE Advanced Prototype for air support against the AT-ST.

With the second wave came more AT-STs and Snowtroopers. Tobin pulled out of the first trench-line and hit the detonator, running to man one of the cannons. jacen and Ghost held the line against the onslaught of infantry. Oz blitzed two AT-STs with one missile and Gand realised what he would have to do to overcharge the ion cannon’s capacitor by climbing up into the firing-charge-chamber. Unfortunately this would expose him to potentially lethal amounts of radiation if he stayed there too long. General Rieekan told them to hold the ion cannon for as long as possible, but if their position became untenable they should retreat. Out of the haze of the icy snow, they spotted an AT-AT marching straight for their position.

More AT-STs and Snowtroopers arrived, along with TIE Bombers on the horizon. Jacen and Ghost began pulling back to the ion cannon, calling in air support to attend to the AT-AT. Oz strafed the ground forces. Gand mounted the capacitor into the ion cannon’s circuitry, his skin blistering as the cannon fired, deafening all around. Tobin concentrated fire on the oncoming AT-AT, he knew he had little chance of stopping the thing, but he managed to knock it’s chin-guns offline. The AT-AT marched forward undeterred.

The ion defence detachment pulled back into the ion cannon’s control centre, right as Gand finally escaped the radiation-filled firing chamber. Ensuring everyone was through into the tunnel, Gand fled himself, pressing the detonator. The last thing they saw was a bright light, followed by a deafening roar as the ice in the tunnel ceiling began to crack. Then everything went dark.

Outside, Oz raced away from the ion cannon, pushing the TIE Advanced Prototype to the limit of it’s engines. He passed several T-47 Snowspeeders, on their way to deal with the AT-AT. Too late to warn them, the ion cannon erupted in a burst of purple fire and lightning. The ionized energy unleashed spread out from the cannon, knocking out the AT-AT and the snowspeeders dropped like flies. Oz sped away and up into orbit, joining up with a Rebel convoy in space, he escaped into hyperspace.

Experience and Rewards

  • Duty has been gained, but it won’t be applied until this section of the campaign is finished.
  • Gand gained 4 Morality.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, but gained 2 Morality having rolled a 4.
  • Jacen gained 7 Morality.
  • Tobin gained 2 conflict, but gained 8 Morality having rolled a 10.
  • 10 XP for escaping the Inquisitors and the Imperial forces on Corellia.
  • 15 XP for the successful defence of the ion cannon, which allowed the majority of Rebel transports to escape.



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