Star Wars: Predators

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Kamino Plan

Cassie and Xerxes presented their plan for taking down the Project Tempest facilities they recently located at Kamino to Admiral Ackbar and General Rieekan.

In short, they plan to infiltrate the planet using a stealth modified freighter (that they previously used during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa). They then plan to destroy the facility and drive the Grand Moff to his ship (in orbit). At that point, they will board the ship and take it over, overriding it’s hyperdrive to send the ship to co-ordinates of their choice. At these co-ordinates they want a Rebel task force ready to take the ship on. They will then demand the surrender of the ship.

First, however, they must acquire the co-ordinates to the planet (Kamino is located near the Rishi Maze star-cluster, and according to Blisk there’s only one route in and out – the Republic kept it a heavily classified secret, only bridge crew and generals knew the co-ordinates). They came up with several ideas for this – the Veradi Hutt Clan supposedly traffics in hyperspace routes, the Black Sun Syndicate also supposedly has a vast library. They also considered trying to get in touch with Lando Calrissian to see if he has any knowledge of hyperspace routes. They also thought about raiding the Virgillia Scrap Yard to salvage some navigation data.

Nar Shaddaa Vacation

They then decided to travel to Nar Shaddaa to gather supplies ahead of the assault and go gambling to acquire credits.

Immediately upon stepping off the ship Cassie and Xerxes were accosted by a Toydarian. He offered them the chance of a life-time -all they’d have to do is perform a small robbery, the Toydarian would split the profits with them fairly – 60/40 in his favour. He said his name was Volo Rax, Black Market Dealer Extraordinaire. They just needed to steal a stash of spice off his dealer, Devro, a one-eyed Nemoidian he had a grudge with.

Xerxes was interested, but would only commit if Cassie agreed to go too. Cassie did not.

At the first casino they won heartily, making a profit. They proceeded to another joint – a slightly more up-market venture called the Starlight Express Casino. Here Cassie made a small profit against a Gotal in Sabacc, and Xerxes lost at Hintaro. Mesa arrived with Volo Rax, being told of his amazing deal. Mesa decided to go for it.

Mesa went to the skyscraper designated by Volo Rax and scrabbled her way inside. She deftly avoided patrols and traps until she made her way to the elevator. She got inside and climbed to the top of the cart. Once it reached the top (800th) floor, she climbed off onto a maintenance catwalk. This allowed her access to a service ladder, which she climbed down to the 700th floor.

At the designated office, Mesa broke through the lock, short circuiting the repulsor-trap on the other side (which would have pinned her to the floor with heavy gravity fields). She searched the office, she didn’t succeed in finding any spice, but did find a gold-plated HH-50 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Checking the cabinet, Mesa discovered a hidden elevator.

Mesa took the elevator, avoiding the pressure plate in the centre of it. It took twenty minutes, travelling sideways, down, along, and then back up again. When it came to a stop Mesa triggered the pressure plate to set off the gas, using the confusion to escape from the investigating security droids. It was at this point that Mesa realised that she was aboard some sort of skyhook, high above the city.

Mesa hid in a service crawlspace, amongst the wires and pipes of the station. She commed Cassie and Xerxes for help. They didn’t get much information before Mesa hung up, but they knew enough to return to the Starlight Express Casino to look for the Toydarian.

On the skyhook, alarms started going off and the service crawlspace was filling with gas. As her vacuum seals failed she bolted, quickly pursued by security droids. She thought she lost them when a window in the corridor she was travelling along burst as a man was thrown through it.

“You are our head of security! How can you not find one intruder?” a voice yelled, “Your employment is terminated”.

A blonde woman wearing a black and gold jumpsuit stepped into the corridor and spotted Mesa. Inexplicably, Mesa witnessed her hand transform into a blaster pistol of some kind. The hand/pistol levelled at Mesa, this mystery woman demanded her surrender. Once Mesa had her hands up, the woman grabbed Mesa by the throat and lifted her up against the wall like she weighed nothing at all, demanding to know how she got on board. Through gasps Mesa explained about the elevator.

“Very well,” the woman said, “We will take you before the Dark Prince and see what is to be done with you”.

Down on the planet, Cassie and Xerxes saw no sign of the Toydarian at the casino. Outside they heard a huge roar, followed by a bang. There were a pair of speeders in the air, one firing at the other, which crashed right in front of the casino.

The aggressive speeder landed behind it, a group of men got out, proffering blaster rifles. The door to the crashed speeder was flung open and as the smoke cleared they saw a man with very fine fashion sense step out – Lando Calrissian. He was joined by a Wookee and they started returning fire to the men with rifles.

Cassie went over and took cover behind the speeder next to Lando – she had never met the man, but knew enough from descriptions of him. She asked how his day was going.

“Have we met?” Lando said, “Because I’m sure I would remember”.

Cassie then explained that she was with Predator Squadron. Lando just put his face in his hand and said “I have a bad feeling about this”.

The Wookiee asked why it was that everywhere they went there was someone from Lando’s past, and it usually ended badly (and that he should really look into buying some clothes of his own by now). Lando ignored this, and with the thugs finished off, he turned to Cassie:

“Have you heard of Luke Skywalker?” he said. Cassie confirmed that she had. “He’s missing, and I need your help”.

Rewards and XP.

  • 10 XP today.

Note: As of the end of the session, there are now 12 days until Grand Moff Kevlan is due to visit Kamino.



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