Star Wars: Predators

Duros Delivery and the Corellian Conundrum

Gand got a call from his brother Jerome. Jerome’s shipments had been being attacked by pirates. He needed Gand to urgently pick up and deliver a shipment to Duros.

At Jerome’s depot they found that the shipment they were supposed to pick up had already been stolen. They traced this shipment and angered Black Sun in the process of retrieving it (Black Sun had stolen it to sell to the Syndicate).

Predator Squadron delivered the shipment of ores to a hidden Imperial facility in the wastes of Duro. Ghost noted the co-ordinates for future reference.


Jacen convinced Predator Squadron to travel to Corellia to investigate the neighborhood that he’d found a link to as part of Operation: Shatterpoint. Investigating they found a poor suburb of Coronet City. Although poor, most houses on the street were well maintained. One, however, was severely derelict, broken windows and cracked walls. A high fence surrounded it and Ghost noticed several old blaster marks on the building.

Jacen, Ghost and Tobin Stryder entered the building. Jacen was drawn upstairs where the house had suffered the most damage – two entire rooms appeared to have been taken out by some sort of strike from outside. Jacen investigated the one intact room, there he found a nursery. When he touched the crib the world shifted.

In the nursery stands a man. Jacen did not recognise his face, but felt a great warmth from him. The man picked up a baby from the crib. He carries the baby downstairs to the hall where a chest sits. He opens the chest and shows the baby what’s inside. “Some day son this will be yours”.

The world shifts again and Jacen found himself back in the room.

Downstairs Tobin found a damaged holoframe amongst the debris in one of the rooms. Ghost found motion sensors placed within the back door frame.

Jacen investigated the hall. As if it was calling to him, he was drawn to a hidden passageway that revealed a secret basement. The basement was dark with no power, but he could tell that it’s construction was different from the main house – the materials were different. Together the group entered the room.

Inside they found a desk filled with computer parts – it appears as if it used to be some sort of communications suite, but it looks as if it’s been smashed to pieces. It is beyond repair. There was a small gun rack, from which Tobin grabbed a DC-15a, and a chest.

Jacen opened the chest, inside he found a phase II Clone Trooper helmet, a small case of datacards (which appears to be some sort of log, starting with the Battle of Geonosis) and a printed out photograph displaying a clone trooper standing on a war torn battlefield, a hilly field pockmarked with blast holes. Standing nearby is a female Jedi Knight.

They did not have long to admire this collection as they heard the telltale clanking of AT-ST walkers. The front street was filled with Imperial artillery and Stormtroopers as TIE Fighters flew overhead.



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