Star Wars: Predators

Downfall of the Darkwing Project

Mission Roster


Predator Squadron have formed an alliance with the Syndicate, a band of outlaws who specialise in raiding Imperial shipping and giving the Empire a bloody nose. They’ve agreed that the Stealth Star Destroyer, the ABYSS and it’s entire line, represent a grave threat to both the Syndicate and the Rebel Alliance.

The Syndicate used their resources and contacts to search the CHARGOAL SECTOR, an area formerly of the control of Grand Moff Kevlan. They traced Imperial shipping followed up rumours, before confirming the location of a large hidden Imperial facility in the region – the THAN’LA NEBULA.

Than’la is a vast veil that sits between Charl, the Sector capital, and Kal – the site of Predator Squadron’s first mission for the Rebellion. Together with Alliance reinforcements, the two forces prepare to launch a strike at this facility, aiming to bring an end to the shadow of Project Darkwing and gather valuable intelligence….

The Deep End

Predator Squadron were gearing up and talking with Cobra Talonbane (leader of the Syndicate and self-proclaimed best star-pilot in the galaxy) when the squadron of X-Wings arrived from the Alliance. However, the squadron was not alone – a small shuttle was with them. Although Talonbane was happy to work with Predator Squadron, he was wary of the wider Alliance, he was worried this was an attempt to stab him in the back.

They had the shuttle land on the hanger deck, the ramp descended and a man wearing battered grey and white Clone Trooper armour; bearing a jet pack, a large rifle and a sigil of a wolf’s head on his forehead. Tobin was ecstatic immediately enthusing “”/characters/rc-1701-a-k-a-blisk" class=“wiki-content-link”>Blisk, you survived!". Oz and Talonbane were more suspicious, however.

Oz tackled the trooper to the ground, removing his helmet. His scarred features were indeed those of a Republic Clone Trooper, although he was clearly quite old. The trooper hit his jetpack, managing to get out from under Oz and hover above them. He explained that he was with the Rebellion and that General Rieekan had sent him to assist them and introduced himself as CT-6666, also known as Ace. After presenting them with the orders signed by Rieekan, the squad began initiating him.

After some time getting to know this new clone, and warning him which squad members to watch out for, they set down to the business of planning the raid.

The Syndicate had located the base, but their sensors were unable to penetrate the veil of the nebula much. They would be flying in blind. The general plan being that the Syndicate squadron (and accompanying Alliance X-Wings) would harass Imperial forces and provide a distraction for Predator Squadron to board the facility. Predator Squadron didn’t have any of their own ships available, so the Syndicate were loaning them a Y-Wing and an ARC-170 Starfighter (both a little old and rough around the edges, but functional). Whilst Predator Squadron boarded the station, the Syndicate might see to liberating one of the Darkwing-Class Star Destroyers if they could. Everything else would have to adapt on the fly.

The Than’la Nebula

  • Arrive at the nebula with most of the starfighters. The rest of the Syndicate forces have gone off with the Venator-Class Star Destroyer to delay reinforcements.
  • They enter the nebula, all is quiet. All they hear is their own ships and chatter on their comm. Scanners struggle to pierce the murk of the nebula.
  • Suddenly a Y-Wing off to their starboard explodes in a blue fireball. Scanners still reveal nothing. They begin wondering about the TIE Phantoms they encountered previously, but even Tobin’s knowledge of their cloaking device doesn’t help.
  • Gand scans the wreckage, and his explosive expertise helps him identify what destroyed the Y-Wing. To his expert eye, it looks as though it hit a concussion mine – a cloaked concussion mine. Luckily, Gand was able to get a look at the repulsor wreckage from the mine – using this, he was able to produce what he thought to be a rough map of the locations of the mines, aiding the ships in navigating the nebula.
  • Arrival at the Hub and construction site…



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