Star Wars: Predators

Dead in the Water

Mission Roster

  • The reinforcements that the Rebel Alliance sent to the Hoth Outpost arrived. They sent medical personnel down to help the injured operatives from the base, and took Predator Squadron up to orbit.
  • They found the Shadow Raptor in orbit – a matte-black Nebulon-B Frigate. They met with Captain Sortuli (a Mirialan) on the bridge. She’d heard they had potentially infected personnel with them and wanted them quarantined to the medical bay. She explained that the Shadow Raptor was a former Alliance Intelligence vessel (formerly captained by General Cracken, before he was head of Alliance Intelligence), but now it was being used for supply runs and medical relief. Most recently they were shipping a supply of droids to the Rebel Fleet, they’d been asked to stop off and pick up Predator Squadron on their way to the rendezvous point by General Rieekan.
  • Predator Squadron settled in for the three day voyage to Sullust, where they’d meet with the Rebel Fleet. Ghost settled down for some meditation in her cabin. Jacen and Xerxes went to the forward hanger deck to hang out with the pilots. Jacen tried out his new cocktail, which proved very popular with the pilots. The ship jumped to hyperspace.
  • There were a series of loud bangs and alarms began blaring. The ship rocked and was flung out of hyperspace. The lights went out and were replaced by the red of emergency lighting. The crew began testing out their position, finding the hatches sealed. Ghost looked out of her cabin window and saw that the Shadow Raptor was slowly edging towards the maw of a black hole.
  • Predator Squadron began going through the ship – Ghost heading for the bridge whilst the others went to restart life support. They fought through the droids that were running rampant on the ship. Jacen and Xerxes got the life support restarted as Ghost finished taking the bridge. Ghost learned from the captain that the Imperials were raiding the databanks – they should take out primary communications to prevent external transmissions.
  • Ghost went to main engineering as Jacen and Xerxes headed to meet her. Ghost took out the droids, at P-Comm but not before the Empire got a garbled transmission off. Ghost sent a distress signal on a Rebel frequency, before sabotaging the communications system so the Empire couldn’t retake it. Ghost then headed to meet with Xerxes and Jacen.
  • They met up and debated the best method of crossing the connecting bridge and reaching the engine room – in theory it would be quicker to dive out of the forward hanger bay and reach the aft hanger. Xerxes’s inner adrenaline junkie meant he was all for that plan, as was Ghost, however Jacen felt it was needlessly reckless.
  • Ghost and Xerxes went for the forward hanger, staring out through the magnetic field into the abyss. Together they stepped into the void. Their momentum carried them towards the aft hanger, but they were coming in rapidly. Ghost successfully threaded the needle and landed in the aft hanger, but Xerxes came in too fast and too high – he crashed to the ground, knocking him senseless.
  • Xerxes’s misfortune provided Ghost with an ample distraction to sneak aboard the shuttle the Imperial droids were loading. Ghost found a deactivated protocol droid aboard, treating it with suspicion and caution, she disabled the shuttle. Ghost’s caution proved wise – the droid set up and began attempting to escape in a different shuttle as the droids distracted Ghost. Ghost took down the escaping shuttle’s engines so it couldn’t escape. The infiltrator droid made it’s move – heading for Xerxes. A group of technicians intervened and shoved the droid out of the magnetic containment field keeping the atmosphere in the hanger. Unfortunately the droid managed to snare them in it’s grasp, tumbling with them into the void of space.
  • Ghost realised there was little she could do for Xerxes – it was critical to restart the engines as soon as possible, they had minutes at best before it’d be too late to pull the ship out of it’s tumble into the black hole. She left Xerxes in the hanger and headed to meet Jacen at the engine room. Together they cleared out the infiltrating droid forces, and liberated the chief engineer. They bypassed the firewall the droids had placed on the engine room systems, and rebooted the electromagnetic field coil, but they would need to manually restart two engines to pull the Shadow Raptor out of it’s dive. The first one restarted with little problem, however, the final engine would not engage. With the clock ticking down they tried again, still it refused to restart. As the captain warned them that they were rapidly approaching the point where it would be too late to abandon ship, Jacen and Ghost tried one last time – this time it came together, the engine re-engaged and the captain was able to pull the ship away from the black hole. The Rebel reinforcements arrive, and together they headed for the rendezvous point at Sullust.

Rewards and Experience.

  • 10XP for successfully saving the ship and escaping the black hole with their lives.
  • Jacen gained 5 Duty for supporting the Rebel troops morale and helping with the liberation effort.
  • Ghost gained 3 Intelligence Duty for learning of the Imperial infiltration droid programme (it seems to have expanded since the last time Predator Squadron saw the tactic implemented).
  • Jacen’s Morality was triggered this session, he gained 2 conflict, rolling 10, meaning his Morality increased by 16 this session.



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