Star Wars: Predators

The Grand Granee Noopa Epilogue
Pit-Stop at Nar Shaddaa

Mission Roster

  • They arrive on Nar Shaddaa and are immediately intercepted by Mandalorians. They claim their employer received an anonymous tip that Zarcus the Hutt Slayer was travelling to the planet with the intentions of doing great harm to Hutts. They were ordered to bring Zarcus before their employer.
  • They landed at their planned dock. Zarcus agreed to go with the Mandalorians. Jibril, Risa and Dean went shopping whilst Ghost and Gand stayed to organise the loading of their shuttle.
  • It transpired that due to the nature of their “special order” the droids required the dock master to sign off on it, unfortunately he’d stepped out for lunch at that moment at a cafe nearby. Ghost went to the cafe, a grim greasy spoon, where she encountered a very unwell Gungan – he was the dock master. She brought him back to the docks and got a consignment of medical droids to analyse him, but unfortunately they couldn’t say much beyond him having incredibly grim symptoms and a dire need of treatment.
  • The shopping trip group stopped by a pawnbrokers, where Jibril offloaded 10 of the 20 of the coins she acquired on Kor Desilijic. Risa was attracted to the display of artefacts, Jibril generously bought Risa a scroll – a copy of the Lasan Chronicles of the Three. They found out that a crime lord named Grentho was an avid collector of historical artefacts, and might be a more suitable buyer for Jibril’s further coins/ardos disks. They also go clothes shopping where JIbril bought Riza a Smugglers Trenchcoat. Dean acquired a E-22S rifle.
  • Zarcus and the Mando fight. Zarcus meets Grentho.
  • Jibril splits from the group and gives her Ardos disk to Dean and Risa (but retains the 10 coins), who go then to Grenthos to sell them. Meet up with Zarcus at the bar. All travel back to the Angel’s Tear.
  • Jibril meets up with Ghost and the medical droids to diagnose the Gungan. Manages to get a sample of the black liquid from a boil on his tounge but unable to diagnose it just yet. Instructs the droids to take the Gungan to the shuttle so he can be treated on the ship. Jibril then meets Gand at a local junkyard and 5x droids at her request. Gand fixes Jibril’s 3-MAL Comlink for her and then Jibril negotiates with the junkyard owner to purchase lightened durasteel, 4x repulsor lifts and control units. Droids carry these items back to the shuttle and both Jibril and Gand arrive on the Angel’s Tear.
  • Ghost gets the remaining crew consignment aboard the newly christened Angel’s Tear. Travok returns. Holy abomination in cargo hold 4, which Jibril rents from Ghost for 1,000c a month, giving her the first payment then and there.
  • The ship sets course to meet up with Liberator Wing…

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP this session.
  • Zarcus increased his Debt Obligation by 5 as he extended the loan with the New Republic.
  • Zarcus gained a 10 point Contract Obligation with Grentho. He has 60 days from the end of this adventure to recover the Nardathi Cluster for the crime lord.
  • Ghost rolled 4 Morality, going up to 100.
  • Risa gained 2 conflict, rolling 4, going up to 32.
  • Zarcus gained 12 conflict, rolling 8. His Morality was triggered this session, so he went down by 8 to 48.
Die, Dei, Die?
Grand Granee Noopa Finale

Or At Least Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Collect 200 Credits…

Mission Roster

The Grand Granee Noopa
Look, this is all getting very out of hand now....

Mission Roster

  • Jibril and Dean escaped the dreaded Hoova the Hunter and his battle tank!
  • Gand awoke in the middle of the night with an intense feeling of dread. He felt a pull to the east, and travelled there alone. There he came to a stone castle in the mountain ridge and he met a fury Porg companion. He received an intense vision when diving into a reflective pool, Gand (the planet) burning, it’s people torn asunder and his mother telling him that it was too late for her – at that moment, in his heart, he knew that she was dead. When he left the pool he found that his severed arm had regrown and he found a helmet.
  • Ghost arrived in the system aboard the Harlot’s Revenge Angel’s Tear. With the help of R3 she began using the ship’s systems to punch through the interference and co-ordinate with the ground teams, pulling together a rough map of the area.
  • Zarcus infiltrated Dei’s army and got close to Gaut. Tobin tracked down a Rancor nest, using the Force to influence a Rancor and a Bull Rancor into unleashing their full fury against Dei’s army. The army quickly buckled, despite Gaut’s best efforts at commanding them. Zarcus pulled Gaut and the fake Ghost away, Gaut decided to get the hell out of there with Zarcus but fake Ghost went after Dei (who had fled the battle).
  • As we concluded, Ghost was readying a drop force to assist on the planet (hoping to follow the Hutt forces as they punched their way through the mining drones and Tobin doggedly pursued Dei away from the battlefield.
The Grand Granee Noopa - Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold...
Two Dungeons Deep, and Caverns Old...

Mission Roster

  • Gand and Tobin traverse the jungle with their team through the mist. They come to some impassable rocks, but detect an opening higher up. The Wookiee – ‘The Gand with No Name’ – climbs up to explore. Screams are heard and he vanishes.
  • Tobin and Gand (carried on Tobin’s back) climb up to go after him, whist Tanson and ‘Dex’ remain at ground level. They explore a cave system, they slowly begin to realise that there is a strong stench of sulfur in the atmosphere. They eventually find the Wookiee – he’s been encased in a sap like substance by over-sized crab-sized bugs (on a giant crystal floor suspended over lava – they realise that the crystal is actually a form of spice being melted by the lava and pumped into the atmosphere, lacing the mists with hallucinogenic properties). They rescue the Wookiee, Gand remains with him on the other side of the rock (where they’re eventually spotted by a large bird…), Tobin heads back to find Tanson and ‘Dex’.
  • Tanson and Dex have been approached by some mysterious figures, they’re discussing helping each other to survive. The figures mention that they’re looking for Tobin Stryder, Tanson immediately grins and introduces himself as Tobin. “Ah good,” a piercing mechanical voice says, explaining that they’re here for his bounty. A fight ensues, as the real Tobin watches through the mist, preparing to jump down. Then suddenly a lightsaber starts up down below.
  • Tobin joins the fight, Tanson and ‘Dex’ (who is the one wielding the lightsaber) are engaged in battle with two IG-88’s and accompanying bounty hunters. Tanson goes down injured, but they’re able to fend off the bounty hunters – after decapitating the droids, the rest flee into the mists. Tobin is initially very wary of ‘Dex’, but she claims not to be an Inquisitor.
  • They return to Gand and the Wookiee and continue their journey, entering an impenetrable maze of rocky crags, buried within the mists.
  • Dean and Jibril descend into the temple, passing many light-up crystalline statues depicting elements of Hutt history.
  • They enter a new chamber with 3 doors – one wood, one stone and one jade. There’s a fire going in a circular pit and a droid is pottering around adjusting some dials on an organ-like device. Jibril deduces that the doors represent the past, present and future in Hutt culture, but she forgets which would be the most positive in this situation. After some coaxing she convinces the droid to accompany them.
  • They enter the stone door (present), arriving at a large chamber filled with water and no apparent way across. Yinsen, the droid, informs them that there is a guardian of this chamber who resides in the lake, and a boat located at the far end. They consider using the narrow ledge to cross, but think better of it. Music starts playing from the lake, Dean and Jibril furiously resisting the urge to jump in.
  • Eventually Scuttles uses a pair of grapple guns to lower itself down first, then shoot the line that the boat is attached to at the bottom of the lake, then retracting – slowly reeling the boat in. Scuttles gets a glimpse of the creature of the depths (perhaps thinking better of it) – a bulbous deformed snake like creature – sort of the Hutt equivalent of a mermaid.
  • Scuttles begins attracting the attention of the creature, creating a distraction as the others cross the lake. Unfortunately Scuttles is no match to the creature, but as he enters the creature’s throat, he unleashes Gand’s ‘special upgrade’ and blows half of the snake’s face off.
  • They enter the next chamber – a series of large inter-connecting turntables that create a very disorientating effect as they cross. In the centre is a large button – they push it and a spiral staircase opens up in the floor (running counter to the turntables, creating an even more disorientating effect).
  • They enter into a literal treasure trove…
  • Treasure trove – they realise that the treasure is on a pressure plate, Jibril attempts to throw the plasma grenade at the gold to displace some to steal (acquiring 20 in total). Dean nopes out of there.
  • Molten gold starts bubbling up and flooding the chamber. Jibril snatches up what she can and escapes. Dean grabs the boat back across the lake, abandoning Jibril and Yinsen.
  • Jibril finds herself trapped in the turntable room as the boiling gold approaches. Yinsen reveals that he is in possession of a lightsaber, and begins hacking at the door to escape.
  • As Yinsen hacks the door open, molten gold laps at Jibril’s boots, making them heavy.
    *The trio make it back to the lake and after crossing back over via a small ledge, go through the Jade (future) door where Jibril absent mindedly sinks into quicksand whilst wearing a breath mask.
  • Dean avoids this and activates a hologram of Botan congratulating them on getting this far past the maniacal droid who’s programming changes in 1 hour of being activated and that the temple will self destruct fairly soon. They acquire 3 special Ardus discs.
  • Yinsen’s eyes light up red and begins attacking Jibril in the sand.
  • Jibril manages to free herself after Yinsen drops his double edged lightsaber into the sand and she ignites it.
  • Dean and Jibril trap Yinsen in the sand and leave him for dead, Jibril keeping hold of the lightsaber.
  • Zarcus and Dei meet up with fake Ghost and some Klatoonians. Dei leads them to a safehouse where they arm themselves.
  • They continue travelling across the basin, eventually coming to a virtually impenetrable maze of rocky crags buried within the mists.
  • They keep pushing on, not stopping to rest as night falls. Zarcus eventually gets tired and gets separated from the group – even separated from Zar.
  • Zarcus comes across a campfire, where he speaks with the Night-Father. The Night-Father tells him that they’ve divined intelligence relating to another shard – they believe the Lothal system to be of significance, and that he should travel there at some point. He also tells him that one day Zarcus must face his final trial and prove himself worthy.
  • The ‘Night-Father’ disappears into the mists, leaving Zarcus alone with Zar. He hears figures coming and hides. It turns out it’s Gand and Tobin’s party – Zarcus sneaks up on them, after a tense confrontation with those that didn’t know him, he joins the group.
  • Before bed, Gand performs a ritual to track Dei – realising that she’s approximately 2 hours to the south of them, in a village built into the sides of the canyons. Most of the group head to sleep, but Tobin confronts ‘Dex’, who explains she was at one point Tanson’s slave.
  • Ghost survives an assassination attempt from her ‘sisters’ via mechanical bear.
  • They’ve made quite the mess and attempted to hack the Dusk Mynock’s systems unsuccessfully.
  • Ghost begins having a conversation with them about their training, about the Wraith.
  • They receive a call from the Hutts that their ship has arrived. They are told that due to the great service they have rendered the Hutts this day, they have their permission to return to Kor Desilijic, or remain at Varl. However, any hostile action towards a Hutt will be considered an act of war.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5 XP for this session.
  • Ghost gained +10 Obligation whilst acquiring the Angel’s Tear’.
  • Tobin’s Bounty Obligation has increased by 5 points as it has become apparent that this event (and his declaration around the Onderon Crest) has raised his profile in the underworld.
  • Ghost gained 3 conflict, rolling 5, she remains at 100.
  • Tobin gained 6 conflict, rolling 7, increasing to 52.
  • Zarcus’s Morality triggered this session, he rolled 3, gaining 6 – Zarcus is now on 54 Morality.
The Grand Granee Noopa - Planetfall
... And In Their Triumph, Die Like Fire and Powder.

Mission Roster

One Gand Down

  • Gand must work to survive entering the planet’s atmosphere.
  • Once on the surface, Tobin assesses the team he’s found himself with – they start making their way to the Spire they spotted from Orbit.

Welcome to the Jungle, Zarcus

  • Zarcus attempts to charm some information out of Dei, however, she was not so willing to give up her leverage.
  • They were ambushed by a pair of Rancors. Canos gave his life to hold them off.
  • They fled into a cave system, Zarcus collapsed the tunnel on one Rancor. They were then ambushed by Fyrnocks.
  • They escaped the cave system, albeit after Dei slowed them down for sass.

Jibril & Dean’s Excellent Adventure

  • Jibril and Dean land in a body of water. Working together they utilise the pod’s systems to extract themselves and land at the top of a peak (the stoner Hutts accompanying them were of little use).
  • A large, radioactive chunk of the Hutt station comes crashing down towards their peak. With the aid of Scuttles they make a desperate escape across the gorge separating them from another peak, atop which lies a Spire. (The two Hutts were atomised).
  • Jibril and Dean arrived at a stone village where they met some Klatoonians – they intercepted Jibril, but Dean pushed on ahead. These Klatoonians worshiped a large statue of Botan the Wise as their god. Jibril convinced them that it was a good idea to pray to their gods as the end times had come (triggering them attempting to sacrifice their valuables on an alter). Jibril caught a glimpse of a stone tablet depicting a map of the area ans asked Scuttles to record the map. Then the natives attempted to sacrifice her in a fire to the all powerful Botan.
  • With the further aid of Scuttles, Jibril escaped and met up with Dean inside the Spire.

Ghost – Talking to Herself

  • Ghost converses with her two clones, leaving them locked up aboard the Dusk Mynock. She calls in a report to Lando, telling him to put out a New Republic warrant for her arrest.
  • She arrives at the Varl system, where she is swiftly intercepted by Hutt fighters.
  • Aboard a Hutt frigate, Ghost informed them about the chaos with the Grand Granee Noopa. She met with a mysterious figure called Baron Warlord Zvishin, who was apparently in charge of the Varl defence fleet, and traded the Onderon Crest for some items from her special shopping list.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for this session.
  • Zarcus gained 9 conflict, rolled 3 = -6 Conflict.
  • Tobin gained 1 conflict.
The Grand Granee Noopa - Ignition
These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends...

Mission Roster

== First Blood ==

-Grand Granee Noopa begins
-Botan the Wise faces challengers from each team, killing the Tribute if he defeats them.
-Zarcus faces Botan in a game of willpower, manages to overpower the Hutt.
-Zarcus kills Botan, gaining the title of Hutt Slayer.
-Zarcus is then forced to take Botan’s place as the Hutt champion.
-Zarcus faces an impostor Tobin Stryder, losing in a dance off competition.
-Tobin Stryder faces the impostor, who is revealed to be his brother.
-Tobin Stryder defeats the impostor, robbing him in the process, and finishing the first round of the Grand Granee Noopa.

The Biggest Bollocks

-Tobin Stryder announces an auction for posession of the Onderon Crest, the absolute madman.
-Bids begin for the Onderon Crest, over the 20 million mark.
-People are allowed to mingle with other teams.
-Revelation that the Gorensla clan hired impostors to be Predator Squad, the dicks.
-Ghost investigates her doppelganger, finding them to merely be an actor.
-Impostor Gand is not even a Gand.
-Jibril Sayra is revealed to have arrived and got lumped with the impostors. She attempts to cocerce them but Dei then appears and mentions that the necklace that is wearing following her trip back to Corcuscant has significant meaning for her which she wasn’t previously aware of. Dei leaves before she explains what this is.
-The Grand Feast begins.

===== The Grand Feast Begins =====

-I just said that twice.
-Jibril Sayra attempts to interact with Zarcus, who has no clue who she is.
-Tobin Stryder gets a mysterious invite, which turns out to be from The Wraith.
-The Wraith strikes a deal with Tobin Stryder for the Onderon Crest.
-Dei the Great finds Tobin Stryder, wants in on that action.
-Tobin Stryder gives no fucks and tells her where it is to see if the slug can get killed.
-Ghost finds out about Tobin Stryder’s deal.
-Ghost heads to the ship, with Dean Kessler following.
-Dean Kessler learns of The Wraith and decides against it after all.
-Dean Kessler returns to the banquet to try and get reinforcements.

And hell followed with her…

-Ghost arrived at the hangar, finding warring Hutt forces on either side
-A 6 person squad in the middle of the room is wrecking everyone’s shit.
-Ghost uses the boost to get through to the ship.
-6 person squad demand in unison to hand over the Onderon Crest.
-Getting a weird vibe, Ghost takes no chances and proceeds to gun down the first soldier.
-Remaining 5 commandos are revealed to be Ghost clones.
-Ghost kills another 2 commandos, knocking a further 2 out, and disarming a third.
-Ghost also melts the hangar roof, floor, and adjacent power reactor for the station.
-Ghost picks up the unconscious commandos, and escapes from the hangar.
-The Dusk Mynock escapes into space to avoid what happens next.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…

-Alarms everywhere, the station is now in a decaying orbit, breaking up along the way down.
- F
-Group is separated, with all but Ghost getting into escape pods with other survivors, heading to the planet surface.
-Ghost spacejumps to the Dusk Mynock with the 2 unconscious commandos.
-The third surviving commando fails to move fast enough to escape.
-Dusk Mynock escapes the planet’s orbit to avoid the hostile drones that became active.

Jibril & Travok - Date Night

This is set in the aftermath of Jibril and Travok’s trip to Coruscant, which was around the time of the Battle of Endor. Events culminating in Jibril unsuccessfully attempting to assassinate Travok, since then they’ve returned to an Alliance medical facility where Jibril is undergoing treatment…

Travok’s hover chair took him into the medical facility where Jibril was being treated, it had been a week on since the visit to the world of jungle duristeel and crushed dreams, his legs still a week too young to properly bare his weight despite the bacta treatment. Jibril had been unconscious the entire time; both her compromised immune system and the injuries that were inflicted – he had inflicted had put her on the threshold.

“I did what I had to do.”

The Trandosian pushed down the predatory impulse as he eyed the container curiously; he understood little about medical personal but understood that treating the wounds and carrying out the DNA repair would have likely occurred all within this tank. Travok didn’t entirely understand his feelings over it all, part grateful, part apprehensive, part of him further hungered for the woman, a contradiction that he didn’t entirely understand. Travok knew that the lesser species would never understand precisely what it meant to feel strong conflicting emotion that drove most of his own species to a self satisfactory lifestyle; he just understood his role in this play was coming to a close.

It was his moment of weakness that caused her infection; thus it only seemed operate that he would be there in the end; only this time the strength of their positions had reversed.

“Docktor, what iss the prognosis?”

He mused softly, gently running a claw along the hilt of the cane; but a soveniger of more familiar times.

Tapping a screen next to the containment screen that held Jibril, the Doctor took a moment before replying to the Trandosian, looking at the cane wielding creature. The room was a plain white room but in the darkness it was bathed a in dull blue light from the screens with ghostly shadows thrown from all of the occupants in the room.

“Well… the we’ve managed to synthesise a drug from her DNA and the data you had on the infection that keep it at bay. Nothing we can do to remove it though completely though. To be frank, she is lucky to be alive at all.”

The Doctor then moved to leave the room in a hurry, he did not wish to be anywhere near the danger.

“I see.” The trandosians voice was but a rumble as he nodded. “You can leave us now.”

The doctor seemed more then too willing to oblige. The reptile leaned back into his chair as he turned his eye slits toward the figure that floated in the bacta tank, he picked up the comm device and took a few moments to compose the lines in his throat, his lines as soft as the rumble of the machine.

“That wasn’t the first time you had tried to kill someone; was it? It was good; I didn’t sense your intent until the last moment.”

Travok paused for dramatic silence

“Just this is but the third time I had sensed sudden murderious intent; and unlike the prior two times I could catch your blade. Now, it is my turn to ask three questions, and unlike Ghost I will be careful not to waste but one.” 1

The trandosian gave a chuckle as he remembered that; even within the tank his memories of the squad remained fresh as the air’s on Kashyyyk.

“Who are you really, Jibril the concrete dweller?”

At the Trandosian asking the question, the Human’s eyes wearily opened, obviously tired from the all of the adventure she had taken with Travok. After a moment to gather her thought as to where she was, she lazily looked over at the cane wielding fiend, she slurred a reply over the speaker built into the unit, “I… wish I knew”

“MMMaaayybbee I am still the concrete dweller you knew all along….”

As she spoke, Jibril became more awake and alert to the fact of the bacta tank and the many IV lines in her. For the moment, she wondered if she looked like one of those hideous science experiments she had read of before. That, more than the infection itself, struck fear into her.

“I see, though given ”/characters/dei-the-great" class=“wiki-content-link”>Dei recommended you to us I can’t help but to be sceptical. I think I have a good idea of who you are. A hunter out of necessarily; a lone wolf if you were, a creature of immense social activity, so proud of your identity yet you never felt you had a pack of your own."

The reptile nodded as he drew a coin from his claw to lightly toss and fumble. He took that moment to recall as he spun poetry of his own family.

“I can sympethise with that, strangely. Regardless, question number two.”

“What inspired you to become a doctor then? I am genuinely quite curious at this as I reasoned it wasn’t your first career choice; you were clearly a good jungle hunter, that jewel that you used for a bribe was a mighty fine catch, finely concealed for a rainy day policy just like today.”

Closing her eyes just for a moment, Jibril took that question to think. With a sharper resolve that she could muster in her incapacitated state, she opened her eyes back at Travok and replied quietly,

“Perhaps it is just a cover…. or perhaps it was a genuine move on my part. Think about it deary, you said it yourself that I am a good hunter and I suppose that is the case. However my Trandosian fiend, I did genuinely have a desire to learn about medicine many lifetimes ago. An irony, given the predicament I am in now.”

She reached out to point at Travok as best she could in the cramped tube, “And besides my dear, I can’t just be the aloof character I am in the group, one has to find a use somewhere, even if it means knowing precisely where the vital organs are in you so the next time we meet, if indeed we do, I’ll know exactly where to strike.”

Retracting her finger, Jibril smiled a little and finished, “Your last question darling…. don’t waste it.”

“Duly noted. I’ll make room for your next attempt within my schedule”

The Trandosian gave a slow nod as he flicked open the data pad and pressed a few keys. It was difficult to tell whether the trandosian was being sarcastic.

The third question dispelled any doubts over his tone.

“And when you next try and kill me, what do you prefer, red or white wine? Or are you a rosie person? Since technically what you did would merely be classed as courtship within trandosian culture, so I will at least make you feel accommodated on our next date, I’ll even wear my best suit. Dress to undress, as they say on corellia!”

The trandosian gave a heartly chuckle as he brought his hoverchair up to the class where she remained, yet as he rested his palm against the class his persona turned to a growl.

“Make no mistakes Jibril, I understand your heart. After all, it was my weakness that infected you, made you weak, all because of one moment of weakness on my part. I know how badly you want to crave my heart out and make me watch you eat it or made me fall to my death one thousand times; given how much I hate flying the terror that would fill my heart would erase my quiver a hundredfold over. "

“Yet for some reason I chose not to tell alliance security about whom you received those wounds from; far as they are aware you had been merely injured by gangers looking for a vuneriable pick like you and I. Do you ever wonder why I would have even bothered bringing you back here, knowing this?”

The trandosian sighed, before he punched the glass and screamed

“It’s because you never deserved this fate, after all it should have been I who was infected, killed that day! Don’t you THINK IT BOTHERS ME IT TURNED OUT THIS WAY?!”

With that the last of his tension eased from his shoulders and he sighed. His greatest weight eased from his chest.

“I’m sorry Jibril, for what little it is worth. A proud wolf like you deserved much better then this fate, that is why I brought you back here and paid off those smugglers to sell that story. So that you could try and enact your vengeance again, if that’s what it takes to give you strength to live; I am more then happy to be that price.”

The shock of Travok punching the glass made Jibril flinch for a moment. As the glass didn’t break, she witnessed the Trandosian pour out whatever emotional baggage he had on his shoulders. As Travok finished, a pall came over the moment.

Only for a moment.

“Hahaaa….” Jibril quietly laughed breathlessly, “…aahahaha! I’ll take a rose wine the next time we meet. That is one of the reasons I sought your group out. It is all well and good dwelling on Coruscant but every girl needs to explore their horizons from time to time. I try and kill a Human, they freak out. I attempt a well deserved assassination on a Trandosian and suddenly I am being courted! That is pure hilarity if ever I heard it!”

She calmed for a moment.

“Perhaps the weakness wasn’t on your part, it was on mine for wanting to save a life just for once. I lied to the people on Ogolth Tiir that help was coming after we left and now they are likely dead. Perhaps I didn’t want those children on the ship to suffer the fate I have bestowed upon me now, or worse. Or maybe, just maybe, I acted deliberately to make you owe me.”

Settling back, Jibril returned with a meek smile, “My life is forever changed because of you and the squadron – I won’t ever be able to forget this. You are, quite literally Travok, written into me.”

Taking another moment, she then asked deliberately, “So… what will you do now?”

The trandosian nodded as he took in the response, released of his burden he seemed more at ease, at least with part of himself.

“I see. I appeariate that for what it is worth.” “The orphans on that dying world will have to learn quickly but they already have the heart’s of adults. They just need someone to show them the way of success in this galaxy. I plan on dedicating my years toward giving their minds tooth and claw in which to cut into this galaxy and carve their own business empire out in this merciless space.”

The trandosian paused for thought before he continued.

“To do this I’ll have to leave the front line, predator squad was entertaining company but it’s plain to see that I don’t belong here. I am already in the midist of my third decade and my regeneration will faulter in the fourth. I will just go back to what I do best; buying products for low, selling for high, and from there I see where I will go within the alliance. In any case, I will let you rest now.”

He began to hover out, but arruptly paused at the door.

“Sometimes I do wonder that when I ask one question; do your multiple answers cover them all? Or are some of those answers misdirection? But then, I used my third question to court you so that mystery will remain as such, just remember.”

He turned in the hover chair to calmly regard her with his eyes and a toothy grin

“I’ll take you on anytime.”

With that he departed to let her rest; though it was somewhat of a mystery how a threat could also sound so flirtatious.

As Jibril watched Travok hover out of the door, she said nothing and closed her eyes to rest, making a note of the fourth decade he mentioned and to keep an eye out for him. One day, she will finish what she started but for now, returning the squadron seemed to make the most sense.

1 Travok is referring to the events of this conversation.

Getting Underway to the Grand Granee Noopa

Mission Roster

  • Predator Squadron prepared for the Grand Granee Noopa, preparing a plan for the worst case scenario.
  • Zarcus made a business deal with the quartermaster droid of Liberator Wing.
  • Kobfred and Gand put together a casual bet on Sabacc, the loser would have to streak naked through the ship. They drew the game, so both of them streaked through the ship, starting with the bridge and attempting to cover as much ground as possible. Eventually Ghost intervened and took them both down, R3 recorded the entire event and sold the broadcast rights. Lando was deeply traumatised. Gand and Kobfred have to partake in a mandatory 12 hour sexual harassment course.
  • They arrived at Nal Hutta, where they were introduced to the new head of the Veradi Clan, who had invited the group to participate in the Grand Granee Noopa.
  • They arrived in orbit of a moon of Kor Desilijic – the purseworld of the Desilijic Kajidic (the clan of the now deceased Jabba the Hutt).
  • They found that Zarcus and Kobfred had been invited by different Hutts, thus they found themselves on different teams to the rest of Predator Squadron and each other.
  • The invitees were all split off into their separate teams as the first task began. They were told they must put forth 1 Tribute and 1 Challenger to face Botan the Wise.

Rewards and Experience

  • Obligation…
  • 5 XP for planning for the Granee Noopa and arriving at the event.
  • 5 XP for Gand and Kibfred’s hilarious/traumatic exploits.
The Battle of Mon Cala Part Four

Mission Roster

Predator Squadron continued flying against Zsinj’s lines, as Kobfred co-ordinated their efforts with Liberator Wing and the accompanying Hutt forces from the Dawn of Tranquility. They targeted the Star Destroyers command and control systems, causing several collisions in Zsinj’s tightly packed formation.

Moff Ravik retreated from the battle, leaving Zsinj alone to face the New Republic fleet. Given the losses he was starting to take, he also decided to retreat. As the Iron Fist made it’s run for hyperspace Oz sent a transmission introducing himself. As the Super Star Destroyer jumped away he received a transmission back saying an agent of Zsinj would be in touch.

Predator Squadron, part of the first major Imperial assault the New Republic have successfully repelled, returned to the Dawn of Tranquility. Captain Hugo the Hutt invited Kobfred to a grand Hutt banquet as his honoured VIP guest. Kobfred attempted to sway the Hutt into inviting more, Hugo took a little offence at this and downgraded his invite to that of ‘Challenger’.

Ghost and Oz returned to the Honey Badger where a transmission was waiting for them:

Exalted ones! The privilege and honour of the Grand [[Fortune and Glory: The Granee Noopa | Granee Noopa]] awaits! Know that such an opportunity is presented only to those who have earned the respect and admiration of an illustrious – and anonymous – benefactor. Do not squander such an opportunity – the Grand Granee Noopa is only held once every thousand years. Your arrival on Nal Hutta is expected no later than two weeks than the receipt of this invitation. No further contact will be made until the Grand Granee Noopa has concluded. May fortune favour you!

The invitation is direct, referring to the members of Predator Squadron (minus Zarcus and Kobfred) by name.

Rewards and Experience

  • Every PC who partook in the battle gained 40XP.


  • Gand gained 5 Sabotage Duty
  • Oz gained 10 Combat Victory Duty
  • Tobin gained 5 Sabotage Duty
  • Dean gained 5 Support Duty
  • Each PC also gained 2 Duty each due to the effects of the Mass Combat checks (total 16 Duty).


  • Gand gained 3 conflict, need to roll Morality next week.
  • Ghost gained 1 conflict, rolled 1. Remains at 100.
  • Kobfred gained 1 conflict, rolling 5, going up to 66 Morality.
  • Tobin gained 2 conflict need to roll Morality next week.
The Battle of Mon Cala Part Three

Mission Roster

The battle continues, Predator Squadron cripple two more of Ravik’s Star Destroyers, eventually succeeding in breaking through their immense armour and blowing them up. then Kobfred incites a mutiny among some of the damaged Imperial forces. Because of this the New Republic Forces are able to break through, cutting down Ravik’s forces and obliterating his front line. Oz called up Ravik to taunt him, identifying himself by his full title. Ravik suggested Oz take up discussions of his past with Zsinj.

Predator Squadron stop for a quick re-arm aboard the Dawn of Tranquility, getting some quick repairs. Kobfred jumps ship to help out aboard the MC-85 Star Cruiser.

They rejoin the battle, skirting the outskirts to swing around and hit Warlord Zsinj’s port flank. They engage his defences there, working together to take down a Lancer-Class Cruiser before it can obliterate their forces. They note that Ravik has sent a force of TIE Defenders and TIE Raptors to engage the enemy at his rear – they meet Zsinj’s forces of TIE Fighters and TIE Aggressors.

The battle continues…


  • No XP this week. It’ll be the same Obligation/Duty/Morality next week.
    • Ghost’s Family Obligation.
    • Gand’s Sabotage Duty.
    • Ghost and Gand’s Morality.

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