A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Star Wars


As the civil war that consumes the galaxy intensifies, a rag-tag group of scoundrels attend the governor’s ball on ORD Mantell. Over a casual game of Sabaac they meet the dashing LANDO CALRISSIAN and are dragged into his plot to heist the governor’s hidden vault. The job went wrong and the Imperial authorities detained the scoundrels. The scoundrels promptly escaped and fled to Wild Space, where they found a safe haven and work with the supercorporation known as CZERKA. Through many scrapes and trials the scoundrels bonded together as a crew.

On a mission to Sullust, they were tasked to steal a recording out from under the Empire’s nose. They watched it, and with their own eyes saw an Imperial battlestation obliterate the world Alderaan. However, this tangle with the Empire firmly placed them on the radar of the IMPERIAL SECURITY BUREAU.

Although they were able to evade the Empire’s grasp for a time, it eventually caught up with them at their safe haven, Chieweb-3. Having lost their home they turned to the only organisation that they thought could shelter them from the Empire, the REBEL ALLIANCE. Now they fight in the Rebellion’s struggle for freedom as a commando unit specialising in unconventional tactics, Predator Squadron….

Current Roster

Cassie Cygnet (Human female )
Dean Kessler (Human male from Tralus )
Galish (Aqualish female )
Gand (Gand male from Gand )
Ghost (Human female from Ogoth Tiir )
Jibril Sayra (Human female from Coruscant )
Kobfred Drapen (Gank male from X )
Nerra (Droid, masculine programmed )
Oz (Human male from X, or so he thought… )
Tobin Stryder (Rodian male from ORD Mantell )
Travok (Trandoshan male from Trandosha )
Whisper (Chiss female )
Xerxes (Xexto male from Troiken )
Zarcus (Zabrak male from Dathomir )

A full squad roster, including former personnel, is found here.

If when making your own character’s page, you’d like to add stats, I’d recommend looking at the example character sheet I’ve put together.

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Mission Log

As our adventure log (see tab on left) has only been kept up to date from 31/01/2016, a historical archive of Predator Squadron’s missions is found here.

For more information on Predator Squadron and the people, places and things they’ve encountered on their travels, consult the wiki.

Obligation, Duty and Morality

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House Rules

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