The League of Fancy Hats

Following the attack of the Empire on Xorrn, the League of Fancy Hats was formed as a means of uniting an otherwise scared workforce against the Empire. They now exist as a league of dramatic, united people. Full of flair and united against the Empire, the League of Fancy Hats exist purely to amuse themselves and lead others.

Founder: Galish
Known members

Known defilers: Mesa

  1. Those whom wear Fancy Hats can join the league only through the planetside leader of the league.
  2. Fancy Hats are always broad beamed hats (Fedoras preferable).
    1. Exceptions can be made for extremely fancy headware. Ye who defeith rule 2 must submit the headware for inspection by ye leader for judgement.
    2. If ye wear a helmet of hard knocks, yey is valiantly fighting to build our future! Helmets of any beam are warmly accepted into the League.
  3. A feather in your hat means you are full of panache and drama.
  4. Joining the league means asking the leader on the planet.
  5. The leader of the league for that planet is the one whom wear a feather in their hat.
  6. The colourful leader leads the leader and wears many colourful feathers in their hat.
  7. Ye who abandons the hat never returns to the hat.
  8. Yey whom weareth a cap willingly shall be cast out as a defiler of Fancy Hats and will be killed on sight.

By some twisted logic, some believe that Ghost is the god of this cult (she having responsibility for it’s creator). Some also say that this makes Blight the devil for this cult. Although he does not wear a cap…

The League of Fancy Hats

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