The Cabal

The Cabal are a mysterious group of Inquisitors occupying the Great Temple on Yavin 4. They captured Tobin Stryder during his investigation into what happened to Mike Sykes. Predator Squadron enacted a rescue mission that proved costly.

On Yavin Predator Squadron have encountered the following members:

  • Brutish human male in armour who lopped off Tobin’s arm.
  • Mara Jade – Red haired human female who seems to be rather stealthy. She reappeared at the Project Raptor facility in the Horus System and pursued Galish and Sandy down a turbolift shaft, cutting their cart to pieces. She ambushed Tobin on Corellia where she let slip that the Empire was sending a force to Hoth. She then showed up at Bespin, where she liberated Jacen from Wing Guard imprisonment before an Imperial specialist could take custody of him. She told him that Tobin was a flawed teacher for him and that she planned to steal the Staff of Ossus from Darth Vader in order to destroy it. She told him that he could call her “Jade”. Together they carried out this mission by raiding the Executor; at the end of this raid she said that Jacen had proven himself worthy to be her student.
  • The Zabrak with the burned face identified by Elaiza as “Sirak”. Engaged Elaiza in a lightsaber duel on Nar Shaddaa, cutting off her arm. Engaged her in combat again on Yavin 4, bearing a silver lightsaber blade.
  • The powerful Force-using Miraluan who captured Togruta and duelled Reine in the depths of the statue.

Since the Yavin raid, the Cabal have shown up on several occasions:

  • Whilst raiding the TIE Raptor facility in the Horus system, Predator Squadron encountered the red haired female Inquisitor. She would later show up again on Corellia.
  • Whilst raiding a derelict Separatist ship orbiting Virgillia, and during the subsequent aftermath of Predator Squadron’s escape attempt, Predator Squadron encountered the Zabrak (who demanded the return of “his” holocron) and the Miraluan (who Oz grievously wounded, scarring his face). More may have been present, but Predator Squadron are uncertain.
  • At Corellia, whilst investigating Operation: Shatterpoint, Predator Squadron encountered the brutish fellow who disarmed Tobin. They also encountered a new masked Inquisitor – a full faced helmet and armour covered the figure and they wielded a double-bladed vibrosword.
  • At Bespin following the events of the Battle of Hoth, the inquisitor who calls herself “Jade” broke Jacen out of prison. She told him that she planned to conduct a heist from the Executor and that he would be useful. He needed a teacher, someone to show him the ways of the Force. Someone who knows what they’re doing.

The Cabal

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