The Angel of Lothal


The day after the Battle of Hoth Predator Squadron received a distress call from a transport ship that the Angel of Lothal was escorting. Upon arriving on the scene Predator Squadron determined that the ship had been ambushed by the Empire, before being ambushed by the Syndicate.

These back-to-back battles had taken their toll on the ship – she had suffered heavy damage, losing her communications array, turbolasers and shield generator. She was leaking hyperdrive coolant and had a major hull breach in the forward canteen. Predator Squadron arrived and were informed that they technically outranked the surviving officers. Assuming command, Predator Squadron organised efforts to repair the ship as best they could from salvaged parts, before they were pursued by an Imperial Quasar-Fire Starfighter Carrier.


Lieutenant Dixon: The 6th in line for command. After everyone above him died Predator Squadron took command of the ship and he was promoted to their Executive Officer (XO).

C3-V3X: Head of logistics aboard the ship. In charge of co-ordinating the management of supplies.

Captain Rhyder: The Sullustan leader of Nova Squadron, the Angel’s fighter wing.

Blisk: Former Republic Commando, has taken command of the regiment aboard the ship.


We are using a deckplan we located online here.


Built by Republic Sienar Systems, a precursor to Sienar Fleet Systems, the Marauder-class was intended for use as a patrol and escort ship by the Galactic Republic. When the Republic declined to purchase them, mainly due to the Republic’s inefficient bureaucracy and not any problems with the ship itself, Sienar managed to sell some to other small governments and organizations. Orders were slow, and the Marauder was considered one of Sienar’s rare failures, so RSS finally sold production rights to the Corporate Sector Authority to be produced and used in the Corporate Sector.

The ship was used extensively by the forces of the Corporate Sector Authority, where they could often be found in use as escorts or employed for law enforcement or anti-piracy actions. They eventually came into use by private individuals and a few outlaw groups.

During the early days of the Rebellion, the Alliance acquired several Marauder-Class Corvettes from the CSA through piracy.

Marauder-class corvettes are equipped with eight double turbolasers and three tractor beam projectors. They have space for 12 starfighters, and capacity for 80 troops for use in boarding actions or planetary landings. Their accurate tractor beams allow them to capture ships with little collateral damage. Sometimes called a “pocket cruiser,” the Marauder’s sublight speed was faster than a Victory I-class Star Destroyer. Although not powerful enough for engagements against warships such as those used by the Imperial Navy, they were excellent as patrol and interdiction vessels.

They are renowned for their cramped quarters, tight corridors and awkward maintenance crawlspaces. The ship was designed in this manner in order to mount heavy durasteel armour plating on it’s hull to give maximum protection for it’s crew. The bridge is located a half-deck above deck 1, accessed by ramps up to the deck. This provides the bridge with maximum protection, being sunk partially within the ship, but also allows for a wide field of view from her viewport.


Silhouette: 5
Speed: 3
Handling: +0

Armour Hull Threshold System Strain
5 65 35


Fore Port Starboard Aft
2 1 1 1


Weapon Firing Arc Damage Range Crit Special
Four Forward Mounted Double Turbolasers Forward 9 Medium 3 Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1
Four Turret Mounted Double Turbolasers All 9 Medium 3 Breach 2, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1
Three Forward Mounted Light Tractor Beam Emitters N/A Close N/A Tractor 2


Name Hardpoints Required Base Modifications Modifications
No Attachment 0

Crew: 100/177 officers, pilots and enlisted crew.
Starfighter Complement: 8/12 X-Wings (Nova Squadron), 0/2 Shuttles. 1 Y-Wing from Predator Squadron.
Passengers: 65/80 troops.
Consumables: Three months
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: None
Sensor Range: Medium
Hardpoints: 1

Cargo Hold
Encumbrance capacity: 175

*Spare parts

  • Power Regulation Conduits
  • Hull Plating
  • Replacement Communications Array
  • Three Months of Consumables
  • The Angel of Lothal

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