Supply Raid on Kal



Lieutenant Klevic briefed Predator Squadron on their mission:

Kal is the world that interests us today. It is host to a small Imperial facility – a few kilometres out of Okawa (a beach resort). This is the location of your first mission (don’t let it go to your heads, we won’t be sending you the beach all the time). The Okawa base has been identified as the location of some supplies we need for one of our bases. You are to scout the base, find a way inside, locate the supplies we require, load then into a Lamda-class shuttle and haul ass out of there before blowing it sky high.

The base is built into a mountainside within the forest to the west of Okawa. Intelligence suggests that the base is guarded by the Imperial Army, not Stormtooper units, so we expect this facilities defences to be of a medium level, however, reinforcements are possible from Okawa spaceport and other cities further afield.

The details of your insertion and your action plan on the ground are down to you. As a side note, if you find any method of damaging the local economy without civillian casualties, then so much the better, as that furthers the goal of this task force by causing trouble for the Empire locally.

The Preds were given a list of supplies to target: wise, starship parts, communications gear, sensor equipment and a Lambda-Class Shuttle.


Predator Squadron utilised the Ralltiir’s Fire to approach the planet detaching their Y-Wings and proceeding to evade the sensor grid before landing in the forest a few kicks from the base.

Avoiding or quietly taking care of recon patrols surrounding the base, they scouted the area. The courtyard defences looked as promised, Imperial Army troopers patrolled the courtyard, and light repeating blasters were stationed on the guard towers. However, they continued their recon and were ambushed by scout troopers.

After dealing with those troopers, they assaulted the courtyard, taking out the guard towers and decimating the defending force. They captured several troopers alive and used them to gain entry into the base.

The Supply Base.

Entering the base, the defences were tougher than anticipated, but the Preds eventually fought their way through. Searching for their supplies, they were unable to find several items from their list, but were able to locate a hidden turbolift behind the rear wall.

They descended to the lower floor and came face to faceplate with a Super-Stormtrooper for the first time. Although disturbed by this sight, and the power of it’s weaponry they were able to overcome the threat. Unfortunately, they were unable to find further evidence about this menace at this time, as it’s suit’s self-destruct system activated.

Predator Squadron fought their way into the command centre, where they came upon a horrific sight: rather than face capture the Imperial officer in charge had gassed his technicians and attempted to sabotage the base’s computers. Despite this sabotage the Preds were able to find 2 things of note – a list of projects1 and brief communique conveying the loss of the base to General Kevlan.


Upon exploring the base’s other floors Predator Squadron found 2 more Super-Stormtroppers and quickly retreated. They loaded up their supplies into the shuttle and blasted off, setting off the detonite charges they’d laid beforehand.

On their way out of system they dodged TIE Fighters from the local starfighter base before escaping to hyperspace.

The Project List

1 The list of Imperial projects is as follows:

-Project Crimson
-Project Darkwing
-Project Fenris
-Project Krytos
-Project Raptor
-Project Remnant
-Project Tempest
-Project Thunder

Further information about these projects is here.

Supply Raid on Kal

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