Predator Squadron Roster

This page is about the members of Predator Squadron, for the history of a Predator Squadron see Mission Log.

Current Active Roster

Dean Kessler (Human male from Tralus )
Gand (Gand male from Gand )
Ghost (Human female from Oogith Tiir_)
Jibril Sayra (Human female from Coruscant_)
Kobfred Drapen (
Gank male from unknown
Tobin Stryder (Rodian male from ORD Mantell )
Zarcus (Zabrak male from Dathomir )

Former Predators

H3-4VY (Droid, masculine programmed
Traft (aka Mitharit’raf’tauri, Chiss male from Csilla) Died from wounds sustained during a battle with cybernetically-enhanced Nexu.

Reine Silverwind (Selonian female from Selonia ) Fell in battle with Darth Vader, sacrificing herself so that the group could escape.

Gladios Ryk (Wookiee male from Kashyyyk) Was killed whilst attempting to avert the assassination of Kaltho the Hutt. It was later discovered that Mara Jade was responsible for his death.

Travis Shrike (Human male from X ) Died during the Battle of Xorrn. As the Imperial forces swarmed into the landing shafts of Foundry Four, Travis got surrounded. Severely wounded – blinded – by a grenade form an AT-ST, Travis made the decision to manually detach the landing platform. He sent it plummeting into the molten flow below, killing dozens of Stormtroopers and doing significant damage to the Empire’s ability to overwhelm the Foundry’s defences during that stage of the battle.

Mesa (Chadra-Fan female from Chad) Departed the group and joined The Syndicate pirate organisation after murdering 25 Alliance personnel during an attempt to steal a ship. Escaping to Mygeeto, she eventually fled. She is a wanted fugitive by the Alliance.

Jacen Briggs (Human male from Nar Shaddaa ) Left the Alliance immediately following the Battle of Endor, accused of treason by the Bothan SpyNet. He escaped with Tobin and no one has heard from him since.

Ace (Human male from Kamino ) Ran afoul of a Corporate Sector Authority inspector on Cantonica. He attacked the inspector, but was arrested by the CSA, the Inspector sold him to the Empire, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Status Unknown

Mike Sykes (Human male ) – Last seen apparently having been brainwashed by the Empire. He disappeared shortly thereafter during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa
Dex (Twi’lek male from Ryloth_) – AWOL, he disappeared shortly after the Battle of Nar Shaddaa.
Sandraudiga (_Male Togruta from Togruta
) Took up Sirak’s offer to become his apprentice on Devron, during the Chronicles of the Gatekeeper adventure.

Nerra (Droid, masculine programmed ) – Nerra is a bit like Schrödinger’s Tusk Cat, his precise status depends entirely on the observer. However, unlike Schrödinger’s Tusk Cat, Nerra is usually pointing a disruptor pistol at the observer.

Support Personnel

Captain Kay’daq (Bothan male from Kothlis )
Deck Officer Neathe (Human female from Alderaan )

R3-P17 ‘Valiant’ (glass-domed, originally grey-white with yellow trim, repainted white with black trim)

Former Support Personnel

Lieutenant Klevic

C3-V3X – Former administrative assistant when the squadron first formed, the droid is now a crew member of the Angel of Lothal.


R2-G65 (green with silver panels), an astromech droid who was part of Predator Squadron’s support personnel. Was left guarding the Honey Badger during the Battle of Jabiim with Cassie’s Spider-Droid. Unfortunately Predator Squadron were cut off from their ship by encroaching Imperial forces. The fate of the droid is unknown.

R5-G8 (flower-pot-shaped-head, red with white panels, were eventually replaced with wooden paneling from Arbooine, painted purple and red), an astromech droid who was part of Predator Squadron’s support personnel. Following the orders of Sandy, the droid denied Galish access to an X-Wing. Galish shot the poor droid in the dome. Sandy disappeared, presumably captured by The Cabal, shortly thereafter.

Predator Squadron logo designed by Dex

Formation of Predator Squadron as a formal Rebellion unit

It was Lieutenant Klevic who lobbied Commander Salm to put together a specialised joint starfighter-commando unit – specialised soldiers who could take on the enemy in the skies and in the mud, with a special emphasis on out of the box thinking. As fate would have it, the soon-to-be Preds arrived aboard the Mon Remonda shortly after Salm reviewed Klevic’s proposal.

Predator Squadron served with distinction under Commander Salm, however, a series of incredibly costly victories and the revelation that Lieutenant Klevic was an Imperial mole cost Salm his command position. The newly promoted Commander O’Kan saw Predator Squadron as a high risk maverick unit and had them transferred as soon as possible. Predator Squadron went on to aid the Rebellion under the direction of Senior Advisor Setenna Hase out of Arda Base.


After the Imperial attack at Arda I, and the loss of New Alderaan, Predator Squadron underwent an expansion, bringing aboard more personnel to aid in their redefined mission: To take down Governor Ardus Kaine and General Kevlan by any means necessary.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, their unit was transferred (along with Setenna Hase’s entire operation) into the command structure of General Rieekan, who expressed his admiration for the squad’s spirit. The members of the squadron also received a promotion to the rank of lieutenant and designated a specialist unit.

The New Republic

In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor the newly formed New Republic heavily restructured it’s military. As part of these restructuring efforts, Predator Squadron were folded into Liberator Wing under General Calrissian.

After the Battle of Mon Cala, the roster of the squad shifted again, resulting in some members shifting away from full-time active combat roles.

This included:

Predator Squadron Roster

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