Predator Squadron Mission List

This is intended to be a historical archive of our missions. I’ll update it as and when I have time. If you want to do a write-up yourself from your own POV, or just what you remember feel free to add it. The entries in bold are the ones that I’m prioritising at the moment.

[Edit: When we return from hiatus I plan to switch over to the Adventure Log system to keep track of this stuff week-to-week, but the purpose of this page is to fill in our back-catalogue of adventures]

Note on dates: BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin. ABY = After the Battle of Yavin.

Pre-Alliance Days

Murder at The Good Companions

ORD Mantell Governor’s Ball Heist

The Ancient Temple

(Obligation) Sourcing Intelligence for the Chiss – Sullust Data Interception

Beyond the Rim

Missing Czerka Supply Convoy

ISB Ambush at Chieweb-3 and escape at the Wheel

Alliance Missions

An appropriate opening crawl for this point in the campaign is here.

The Chargoal Sector Task Force

Predator Squadron’s mission within the Chargoal Sector Task Force was to aid in the disruption of Imperial operations in the sector. As such, this mission brought them up against the Protectorate of the sector, General Kevlan.

Y-Wing Orientation Exercise (task force ambushed)

Supply Raid on Kal

Recovering Intel on Yavin 4

3 months later…

Prison Break on Junka-7

Interrogation of Kevlan and His Escape

Pursuit of Kevlan to Norl

Operating Out of Arda I

After being transferred to Arda I, the Underworld Plan was put into effect. Predator Squadron needed to build up a cover as mercenaries in order to infiltrate the forces of Governor Kaine, who had recently been using many unconventional tactics utilising mercenary forces. Predator Squadron were given discretion over their targeting priorities and how they proceeded to do this.

The Jewel of Yavin

Imperial Academy Raid at Triton

Dinner with the Governor

The Battle of New Alderaan

Onslaught at Arda I

Lando’s Opera

Pursuing Ghost to Oogith Tiir

The Reichenbach Falls at Nar Shaddar

[We are now roughly 18 months ABY, with Predator Squadron having been an Alliance unit for 10 months]

Under the Command of General Rieekan

In the aftermath of the Battle of Nar Shaddar Predator Squadron are transferred to General Rieekan’s command.

Short Stories

Although we will pick up almost 1 year later, I’ve put together several short stories to fill in some gaps and will be putting them here over time.

I’d just note that these are intended to expand on some NPCs, add a bit of context and tease what is to come. I think of them a bit like cutscenes in a video game.

18 months ABY The Meeting

18 months ABY The Carbonite Man

18 months ABY Ghosts of the Past

24 months ABY Blaster-Point Wedding

Present Day

We pick up the campaign with the adventure Enter the Cabal, which is set 28 months ABY. Predator Squadron have been an active Alliance unit for 20 months.

Other Missions

The one-shot adventure Mists of Primus is set in 21 BBY. The extent of it’s connection to the Predator Squadron campaign will be revealed in time.

It’s sequel, In The Shadow of Two Moons is set a few weeks later.

Predator Squadron Mission List

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