Here is the current state of the Morality list. Up to date as of 25/05/2018.

Character Morality Emotional Strength Emotional Weakness
Gand 100 Discipline/Pride Recklessness
Ghost 100 Justice Cruelty
Riza (Ghost clone) 32 Need to Sort Need to Sort
Tobin Stryder 54 Curiosity Fear/Obsession
Zarcus 48 Empathy Vengeance

Morality Explanation

Before a game session begins, the Game Master should roll a single d10. He should then compare the number on the die roll with the ones digit of each character’s Morality. If the values match, then that character’s Morality triggers for that game session.

A Player Character’s Morality has a chance of changing at the end of each game session. A PC’s actions during the session may increase the probability that his Morality will rise or fall. Whether or not a PC’s Morality increases or decreases is determined through Conflict.

Conflict is a resource that Player Characters can accumulate throughout a game session based on choices they make and action s they perform (for more info see F&D beta p. 35).

At the end of the session, each player tallies up the Conflict his character has earned and then rolls a d10 die.

If the roll result is less than the amount of conflict he earned during that session, he subtracts the roll result from his Conflict and then decreases his PC’s Morality by the difference.

If the roll result is greater than the amount of Conflict he has earned, he subtracts his Conflict from the roll result and increases his Morality by that number.

If the roll and Conflict are the same, Morality neither increases nor decreases.

NOTE: Based on Force & Destiny beta material, could change in the final release.


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