Imperial Project List

This list of Imperial projects was recovered by Predator Squadron on their first official Alliance mission on Kal.

Predator Squadron would later interrogate former-Governor Ardus Kaine about what he knew about these projects, having worked closely with General Kevlan.

These projects are:

This page is a compilation of much of the information that they’ve gathered on these projects over the course of their conflicts, and the information is presented in the order that Predator Squadron uncovered it. The pages for individual projects contain this information in a more coherent order.

Project Crimson

1 The phrase “Project Crimson agents” was overheard in a comm conversation between Masi Quai and an unknown Imperial leutenant (suspected by Predator Squadron to be Leutenant Klevic) whilst Setenna Hase was being held captive by Quai and Var Narek.

Kaine had never heard of Project Crimson.

Project Darkwing

2 Kaine referred to the Abyss as a Darkwing-Class Star Destroyer. The prototype (the Abyss) rolled out of the shipyards a little over a year ago. He doesn’t know where the shipyard is (Kevlan kept this a closely guarded secret), but he knows that they planned to build more, but perfecting the cloak took time.

It was speculated that their shipyard could be difficult to find if it too were cloaked.

Project Fenris

3 During Predator Squadron’s orientation into the Rebel Alliance, the Mon Remonda was ambushed by an Imperial task group consisting of Kevlan’s flagship, the Death’s Head, a Lancer-Class Frigate (Vengeance) and a Venator-Class Star Destroyer called Fenris.

It has been speculated that there is a connection between the Fenris and this project, although no intelligence has been able to confirm this. Up until General Kevlan’s defeat at Veroon (in which the Death’s Head was destroyed and Kevlan presumed dead), the ship was reported stationed at Charl, although it took part in the Battle of Junka-7.

Since the Battle of Veroon there has been no sighting of the ship, it is as if it simply disappeared.

Kaine said that Kevlan is supposedly developing a bioweapon. It’s supposed to be based out of the planet Primus. Predator Squadron hadn’t really heard of the planet as the Empire had scrubbed it from all records. Ghost had heard some crazy rumours about the planet though, including that a group of Jedi had travelled to the planet during the Clone Wars and been driven insane, before killing the entire population.

Project Krytos

4 Kaine knew nothing for certain about Project Krytos. He’d heard rumours that Kevlan was developing some form of last resort weapon, but didn’t actually know anything.

Project Raptor

5 A new type of TIE-craft was used in defence of the ground base and the Death’s Head during the skirmish at Norl. They were highly manoeuvrable and heavily armed and shielded. Intercepted transmissions and IFF9 signatures referred to them as “TIE Raptors”. The name similarity and common connection with General Kevlan suggests that the two are linked.

Kaine confirmed the connection – the TIE Raptor is an advanced assault starfighter designed for a high degree of manoeuvrability and firepower. From what he understood, Kevlan has set up several manufacturing plants throughout the galaxy. Kaine knew of one in the Outer Rim – in the Horus System. Predator Squadron soon infiltrated this facility in the hope of capturing several TIE Raptors intact.

Project Remnant

6 Former-Governor Kaine had never heard of Project Remnant.

Project Tempest

7 In his interrogation General Kevlan strongly implied that Project Tempest was connected to some sort of subliminal brainwashing/mind control. He also suggested that Gand had been subjected to it.

Predator Squadron did not mention their theory about mind control directly to former-Governor Kaine. He explained that in intercepted communications the Alliance referred to the Tempest Stormtroopers as ‘Super Stormtroopers’. It’s an accurate description, he’s seen them in action – they’re stronger and deadlier than standard Stormtroopers. Kevlan kept their development top secret, but he took Kaine to a testing facility in Oversector Outer.

The planet’s designation is GX-04 – it’s on the border of Wild Space and the Outer Rim.

What Predator Squadron Learned from GX-04

During Predator Squadron’s raid of GX-04 they discovered that the Tempest Stormtroopers are genetically modified in some fashion – larger than the average man, able to lift their gun and their armour with no problems. The version they’ve seen until now is known as the MK I, with MK II and III in development.

Doctor Nevran was the lead scientist of the Gx-04 facility, with Commandant Adonis being in charge of the facility itself. The Kaminoan Koa Nai is clearly above them in the pecking order.

Dr Nevran revealed that the Tenpest soldiers have now been conditioned to adapt. Their armour is fitted with transmitters and sensors that relay their battles (this was demonstrated by a display of various battle footage, including clips from every battle Predator Squadron has ever fought with Super Stormtroopers). This footage is then used in the training of new soldiers, every iteration will be better than the last, enabling great flexibility within their ranks.

There was a lab with dozens of chambers, they seemed to be in some sort of stasis.

Predator Squadron also acquired a small array of tissue samples from the Tempest Stormtroopers, which they have yet to analyse. They also acquired schematics for the Mk III Tempest Stormtrooper armour, but have yet to have time to study them.

Further information was gained through interrogating Dr Nevran and Commandant Adonis. It can be found here.

Project Thunder

8 Kaine knew nothing directly, but he’d heard reference to it, and knows that whatever it is it’s expensive (requiring a large amount of troops and resources), but he doesn’t know what it is.

Information located during the Jabiim Raid

Project Tempest – Project Tempest is based out of the old clone facilities on Kamino. They also learned that 2 weeks (4.5 weeks after the Battle of Hoth) Grand Moff Kevlan himself will be inspecting the facility.

Project Darkwing – There have been 5 Darkwing class Star Destroyers deployed to date. There are manufacturing facilities in various parts around the galaxy, but the main plant is located somewhere within the Chargoal Sector. The cloak is powered by Stignum Particle accelerators using crystals – Kevlan himself figured out how to artificially grow the crystals, which has enabled them to cloak ships on this scale. These Star Destroyers do have one weakness – when they’re cloaked they cannot activate their shields because of the energy emmisions.

Project Krytos is an artificial virus, there is no known cure. It is transmitted by touch and water, it is designed to target non-human species. It is based on Coruscant.

9 Identity Friend/Foe transponder. Used for identification of ships, including affiliation and classification.

Imperial Project List

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