House Rules

Currently the only house rules we’ve implemented are the Ranged (Bow) skill and Alternate Characters1 and the Elite NPC quality 2. Both are explained here.

Ranged (Bow)

Linked characteristic: Agility.
Career skill (Although I’m not sure whether a custom skill should really be a career skill for any specialisations, if it is I think it would apply to the following specialisations): Beast Rider, Scout, Survivalist.

The Ranged (Bow) skill serves as the skill for firing the Corellian Compound Bow (p. 97 Suns of Fortune) and it’s associated different types of ammo. Everything else about those weapon profiles remains the same. Due to it’s cumbersome nature, a Corellian Compound Bow counts as a Ranged (Heavy) weapon for the purposes of making attacks whilst engaged with the target. The Longbow (p. 102 Nexus of Power) also uses this skill.

As a result of this change, I’ve put together a list of what talents function with this skill and which don’t. This list only covers talents that specify skills, generally a talent that specifies a combat skill check would work with this skill as well, as it is a combat skill.

Those that work:

  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Natural Marksman
  • Point Blank
  • Sniper Shot
  • True Aim
  • Burly (p. 32 Dangerous Covenants)
  • Master Grenadier
  • Powerful Blast
  • Selective Detonation
  • Call ’Em (p. 32 Fly Casual)
  • Sorry About The Mess
  • Dynamic Fire (Age of Rebellion)

Those that don’t work:

  • Barrage
  • Heavy Hitter (Dangerous Covenants)
  • Guns Blazing (Fly Casual)
  • Spitfire
  • Basic Combat Training (Age of Rebellion)
  • Tactical Combat Training

Custom Arrows

Note: These arrows are designed by me, but are still in the testing phase whilst I make sure these are balanced.

Name Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special Description
Ion Arrow Ranged Bow 8 5 Medium 0 0 75 7 Disorient 5, Ion Rather than a traditional arrowhead, the Ion Arrow has a cylindrical plunger-like device that upon depressing detonates an ion charge at the target. Ion Arrows cannot be reused.
Piercing Arrow Ranged Bow 3 3 Medium 0 0 55 6 Pierce 7 Like a standard arrow, but it has a much finer and thinner point allowing them to pierce through most sets of armour. Unfortunately this design has resulted in arrows that can shatter if too much force behind them – 3 Threat may be spent to cause a Pierce Arrow to be unsalvageable.
Poison Tipped Arrow Ranged Bow 5 5 Medium 0 0 50 6 Pierce 3, Knockdown Has a wider head than a standard arrow that is designed to hit the target and compress upon impact, allowing the poison reservoir within to seep into the target’s system. Each Poison Tipped Arrow can be loaded with one dose of any poison. Whenever the wielder successfully attacks a target (whether or not damage is dealt), the target suffers the effects of being exposed to the poison it contains. Poison Tipped Arrows cannot be reused.

Alternate Characters

1 Alternate PCs are created using Knight Level rules, and start with either Obligation, Duty or Morality (based on what book their Career is from [so Edge characters get Obligation]), they don’t start with all 3 to avoid things going too crazy (Obligation or Duty could potentially shoot up out of control). They may gain others later as things go on (for example, if your alt becomes Force sensitive, we’d look at starting a Morality gauge for that character).

At the beginning of the session each player chooses which character they’re going to use and generally you stick with it (your other character is safe on the ship or back at base, and is generally unavailable to help with aiding in skill checks and the like).

Any rewards such as XP or credits for that session go to the character you played as in that session.

Limited to 1 alt character per person.

Alts cannot transfer equipment/credits to mains and vice versa. Upon character death money and equipment is taken control of by the Rebellion (either for redistribution to the cause, or the person’s family), you cannot leave it to your other character in your will.

This is about trying to give the players more options. For example, diplomatic mission? Bring out a character better suited to talking. Space combat? Pilots, gunners and mechanics, etc. I would encourage you not to min/max – don’t pigeonhole yourselves too much, but play what you think is interesting.

Elite Minion Quality

2 Certain NPCs or minion group will have the Elite quality. This is to represent that they are tougher at combat than the average NPC or minion group. The Elite quality is defined thus:

Elite: All combat checks made by this NPC or Minion group gains the Linked 1 quality. Certain larger minion groups may increase the Linked value to represent the concentrated barrage of fire.

Elite minions and rivals may also increase their wound threshold by a couple of points in order to represent their additional toughness.

House Rules

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