Honey Badger


The Honey Badger is a strategic asset loaned to Predator Squadron by the Alliance for the purpose of Operation Underworld, although her size and configuration does not make her appropriate for every mission. Setenna Hase pulled some strings to acquire the battered gunship. When the Preds first took control, it was clear that she had seen a lot of action and been modified over the years, but it’s doubtful anyone has put her through her paces like Predator Squadron would.

Predator Squadron lost the Honey Badger during the Battle of Jabiim. After suffering significant damage on the way in (it’s hanger bay door mechanism was locked open, it’s landing gear shorn off and the tri-engine block was crumpled reducing it’s power significantly) the ship was burred and disguised as a hill to act as a defensive fortification for Cobolt Station (and a possible method to kill any retreating Imperials). During the course of the Jabiim campaign, most of Predator Squadron ended up on the far side of the Jabiimise mountains at Choal City, leaving Cassie Cygnet and Oz to handle the defence of Haydon Valley. In their retreat from Haydon Valley, the Empire cut them off from Cobolt Station, leaving the fate of the Honey Badger unknown.

A few weeks later Predator Squadron were captured by the Empire at Kamino. They were transferred out, but escaped and took over the ship. It turned out to be the Honey Badger, having been captured by Lieutenant San Klevic and modified.


To help Predator Squadron manage the ship, 2 additional crew members were assigned to the ship:

Captain Kay’daq

Deck Officer Neathe

Torani Kulda



[Use the Map function to link to a deck plan here]


Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Length: 52m

The CEC YZ-775 Medium Transport was first produced shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. The 52-meter-long vessel was one of the largest to be classified as a “light freighter”, and could carry 400 metric tons of cargo.

Its design bore some resemblance to the CR90 corvette and Corellian gunship series. The cockpit was an over-sized variant of the standard conical CEC cockpit, capable of seating all 8 crew members. Aft of the cockpit the ship had a two-deck layout, split between the cargo hold and crew quarters.


Silhouette: 5
Speed: 3
Handling: -3

Armour: 4
Hull Threshold: 34
System Strain: 24


Fore Port Starboard Aft
1 1 1 1


Weapon Firing Arc Damage Range Crit Special
2x Light Turbolaser Turret Dorsal/Ventral 9 Medium 3 Breach 2, Slow-Firing 1
Port Light Flak Cannon Forward, Port & Aft 5 Close 3 Blast 4, Slow-Firing 1, Vicious 3
Starboard Light Flak Cannon Forward, Starboard & Aft 5 Close 3 Blast 4, Slow-Firing 1, Vicious 3

| Name | Hardpoints Required | Base Modifications | Modifications |
| Enhanced Ion Engines | 1 | +1 speed, -1 system strain | N/A |
| Retrofitted Hanger Bay | 2 | Can carry a number of ships up to a total silhouette of 5 | +1 Maximum Silhouette capacity |

  • Note: Removed 1 torpedo launcher to gain an additional hardpoint.
  • (Includes a unique electrum-plated luxury toilet seat hand-crafted by Tobin Stryder).

Crew: 1 captain, 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 2 engineers, 1 cargo master, 2 gunners.
Passengers: 0 passengers.
Consumables: Six months.
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 0.75. Backup: Class 12.
Sensor Range: Medium.

Cargo Hold

  • Bacta tank
  • Oil bath
  • Field dressing kit
  • Field kitchen
  • Perimeter fence
  • Military field manual
  • (Don’t know how up to date the cargo hold section is because the current sheet is blank).

Honey Badger

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