Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer


Predator Squadron encountered a Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer during the Battle of Nar Shaddar. It’s main function seemed to be used as a carrier for Imperial Starfighters.


The Gladiator-class is a small Star Destroyer, it possesses an array of capital-grade torpedo or concussion missile launchers and turbolaser emplacements.

It has a total of 25 light turbolasers, 10 point defense laser cannons, 10 medium concussion missile launchers (or proton torpedo launchers) and 6 tractor beam projectors grouped in 5 turbolaser batteries, 2 laser batteries, 2 missile batteries and 3 tractor beam batteries.

The Gladiator-class is characterized by its extensive hangar area, with an opening in the bow of the vessel, that split the forward superstructure in two,. The hangar has enough room for several starfighters to enter or exit at the same time. A complement of 24 fighters was usually carried to intimidate small frontier worlds, however some Gladiators were retrofitted as dedicated carriers, usually removing the extensive missile/torpedo loading systems to make room for expanded hanger facilities.

Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer

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