"Ghost's" Character Sheet

Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialisations: Assassin, Gadgeteer, Survivalist, Force Emergent, Warleader, Niman Disciple
Species: Human

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 3 4 3 4 4
Soak Value Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defence Ranged Defence Melee
4 25 17 3 3
Combat Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Brawl (Br) 0 GGG
Gunnery (Ag) 0 GGG
Lightsaber (Wil) 2 YYGG
Melee (Br) 0 GGG
Ranged – Light (Ag) 0 GGG
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) 5 YYYGG
Ranged Bow 2 YYG
General Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int) 0 GGGG
Athletics (Br) 0 GGG
Charm (Pr) 0 GGGGB
Coercion (Will) 0 GGGGB
Computers (Int) 1 YGGG
Cool (Pr) 0 GGGG
Coordination (Ag) 0 GGG BBBB
Deception (Cun) 0 GGGB
Discipline (Will) 1 YGGG
Leadership (Pr) 1 YGGG
Mechanics (Int) 1 YGGG
Medicine (Int) 0 GGGG
Negotiation (Pr) 0 GGGG
Perception (Cun) 1 YGG BB
Piloting – Planetary (Ag) 0 GGG
Piloting – Space (Ag) 1 YGG
Resilience (Br) 0 GGG
Skulduggery (Cun) 0 GGG
Stealth (Ag) 1 YGG BBBB
Streetwise (Cun) 0 GGG
Survival (Cun) 0 GGG
Vigilance (Will) 1 YGGG
Knowledge Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int) 0 GGG
Education (Int) 0 GGG
Lore (Int) 0 GGG
Outer Rim (Int 0 GGG
Underworld (Int) 0 GGG
Warfare (Int) 0 GGG
Xenology (Int) 0 GGG
Talent Name Page No. Description
Armour Master p. 132 EotE When wearing armour, the character increases his total soak value by one.
Armour Master (Improved) p. 132 EotE When wearing armor with a soak value of two or higher, the character increases his defense by one.
Balance p. 132 EotE When the character recovers from strain at the end of each encounter, he may roll his Force rating in Force dice. He regains additional strain equal to the O rolled
Blind Spot p. 30 KtP The character and allies within short range add automatic 1 advantage to combat checks they make while benefiting from cover.
Careful Planning p. 30 KtP Once per game session. the character can choose to introduce a “fact” or additional context directly into the narrarive as if he had spent a Destiny Point.
Deadly Accuracy (Ranged Heavy) p. 134 EotE Each time the character gains a rank of Deadly Accuracy, he must choose one combat skill. The character may add his basic training ranks in that combat skill as additional damage to one hit of a successful attack made with that skill with non-starship/vehicle weapons. He cannot choose the same combat skill twice.
Dedication 6 p. 134 EotE Each rank permanently increases a single characteristic of the player’s choice by one point. This cannot bring a characteristic above six.
Defensive Training 2 FaD p141 When wielding a Lightsaber/Melee/Brawl weapon, replace it’s ranks of defensive with ranks of Defensive training
Dodge 2 p. 135 EotE When targeted by a combat check (ranged or melee) the character may choose to immediately perform a Dodge incidental to suffer a number of strain, then upgrade the difficulty of the combat check by that number. The number of strain suffered cannot exceed his ranks in Dodge.
Enduring p. 135 EotE Character gains + 1 soak value per rank of Enduring.
Force Rating 2 p. 135 EotE Each rank permanently increases Force rating by one.
Grit 3 p. 136 EotE Each rank of Grit increases a character’s strain threshold by one.
Hunter p. 137 EotE The character adds [B] per rank of Hunter to all skill checks when interacting with wild beasts and animals, including combat checks. Add =10 per rank to all Critical Injury rolls against animals per rank of Hunter.
Indistinguishable p. 137 EotE The character’s appearance is so common that people have a hard time identifying distinguishing traits. Opposing characters upgrade the difficulty of any checks made to identify him once per rank of Indistinguishable.
Jury Rigged p. 138 EotE The character chooses one personal weapon or piece of equipment or armour per rank of Jury Rigged. He may increase the damage of the weapon by one, decease the Advantage cost of its Critical, or any single other effect by one to a minimum of one, or increase armour’s ranged or melee defence by one. Alternatively, he can decrease the encumbrance of the item by two to a minimum of one. The bonus only applies so long as the character is using the item. If the item is eve lost or destroyed, the character may apply Jury Rigged to a new personal weapon or piece of armour.
Lethal Blows 2 p. 138 EotE Add +10 per rank of Lethal Blows to Critical Injury rolls inflicted on opponents
Niman Technique FaD p148 When making a Lightsaber check, may use Willpower instead of Brawn
Nobody’s Fool FaD p148 May Upgrade difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion, or Deception checks once per rank
Outdoorsman p. 141 EotE The character removes [S] per rank of Outdoorsman from checks to move through terrain or manage terrain or environmental effects. Decrease overland travel times by 50% (this does not decrease with multiple ranks of Outdoorsman).
Parry 3 FaD p149 When hit by a melee/brawl/lightsaber attack, suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2+ranks of Parry
Prime Positions 2 p. 31 KtP When the character or an ally within short range takes cover, that character increases his soak by one per rank of Prime Positions against ranged attacks until he leaves that cover.
Quick Draw p. 141 EotE Once per round on the character’s turn, he may draw or holster an easily accessible weapon as an incidental, not a manoeuvre. This talent also reduces the amount of time to draw or stow a weapon that usually requires more than one manoeuvre to properly prepare or stow by one manoeuvre.
Quick Strike p. 141 EotE When performing a combat check during combat the character adds [B] per rank of Quick Strike to combat checks against any target that has not yet acted in the encounter
Reflect 2 FaD 150 When hit by a ranged attack, suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2+ ranks
Sense Emotions FaD p151 Add Ranks x Boost dice to all Charm, Coercion, and Deception checks unless target is immune to the force
Sleight of Mind P. 152 FaD Force Talent. This character adds [B] per rank of Sleight of Mind to his Stealth checks unless the being attempting to detect the character is immune to Force powers.
Spare Clip p. 143 EotE The character does not run out of ammo on a despair. Items with the Limited Ammo quality run out of ammo as normal.
Stalker 4 p. 143 EotE The character adds [B] per rank of Stalker to all Coordination and Stealth checks
Sum Djem FaD p152 May spend Triumph or 2 advantage with successful Lightsaber attack to disarm opponent and knock weapon to short range
Swift p. 144 EotE The character does not suffer the penalties for moving through difficult terrain (he moves through it at normal speed, without spending additional manoeuvres).
Tinkerer p. 145 EotE The character makes one piece of equipment more modifiable. He chooses one piece of equipment and increases its number of hard points by one. He can only do this once per piece of equipment, but can modify a number of pieces of equipment equal to his ranks in Tinkerer. If he loses a modified piece of equipment, he may apply Tinkerer to a new one.
Touch of Fate p. 145 EotE Once per game session, the character may add [B][B] to any one skill check.
Toughened 6 p. 145 EotE The character increases his wound threshold by two per rank of Toughened.
Uncanny Senses 2 p. 145 EotE The character adds [B] per rank of Uncanny Senses to all Perception checks.
Ability Page No. Description
Obligation Magnitude Complications
Family 5 Attack of the Clones
Unknown 10 Consequences of obtaining The Angel’s Tear
Duty Value
Intelligence N/A
Weapon Skill Damage Crit Range Special
Pulse Cannon “Hadron Enforcer” Ranged Heavy 9 1 Extreme Slow Firing 1, Cumbersome 3, Pierce 4. Burst Mode – Prime as a Maneuver. Adds Breach 1, Vicious 3, Limited Ammo 1 to next attack.
Rotary Blaster Cannon Ranged Heavy 12 3 Long Auto fire only, Stripped Down modification, Mounted to armour.
Dragoon Ranged Light/Heavy 8 3 Short Accurate 1, Stun setting, -2 to hide
Corellian Compound Bow Ranged Bow 5 5 Medium Knockdown, Pierce 1
* Explosive Arrow " " 6 3 Medium Blast 4
* Stun Arrow " " 6 Medium Stun Damage
Item Encumbrance Location Quantity

Encumbrance Capacity (5 + Brawn + Equipment Bonuses): 18

Total Experience Available Experience
1070 40

"Ghost's" Character Sheet

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