To quote Captain Kay’daq, “Step 2 of making a pancake is breaking some eggs. You can’t have pancakes without eggs”, by that same token you can’t fight a war without making a few enemies. This page collates a list of people that have become aggrieved with Predator Squadron over the course of their careers.

Imperial Forces

Governor Ardus Kaine (Human male from Eriadu )
General Kevlan (Human male from Corellia )
Lieutenant Klevic
Admiral Rathbone
Colonel Vrezar

Other Organisations

Roxxon Corporation
The Yiyar Salvage Corporation from Beyond the Rim


Arend Shen
Aris Shen
Kaltho the Hutt (although you gave the Jewel back, there is still the matter that you stole it in the first place [even if it was for “good reasons”])


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