Here is the current state of the Duty chart. Up to date as of 11/05/2018.

Character Duty Value Notes
Dean Support 2 N/A
Gand Sabotage 2 N/A
“Ghost” Intelligence 2 N/A
Jibril Sayra Counter Intelligence 0 N/A
Kobfred Drapen Enemy Demoralisation 2 N/A
Tobin Stryder Sabotage 2 N/A
Zarcus Psychological Warfare 2 N/A

Current Duty Total: 12

Contribution Rank: 7

Duty explanation

As part of the Rebel Alliance, each character has a commitment to a specific kind of Duty. Before each session the GM rolls percentile dice and compares it to the Duty chart. If the roll matches the duty of a particular character, that character’s Duty is triggered for the session.

If your Duty is triggered, that character increases his wound threshold by 2 for the session, every other character increases their wound threshold by 1. If the roll that triggers Duty is a double the effects of Duty is doubled (the character with the triggered Duty increases wound threshold by 4, everyone else by 2).

This represents a morale boost, or the resolve of the characters to get their job done.

As the characters accomplish more on behalf of the Alliance, their Duty value slowly builds up. Once it exceeds 100 three things happen:

The party’s Contribution Rank increases by 1.
The Alliance rewards the party for it’s achievements.
The Duty values are all set back down to 0 to begin counting up to the next rank.

Alliance Rewards

When the combined Dury value exceeds 100, the Alliance acknowledges their contribution by supplying them with a reward of their choice. They can choose from individual pieces of equipment, a party-owned vehicle or a different strategic asset.


Each character chooses 1 piece of equipment to receive for free. This gear cannot have a rarity greater than 3 + Contribution rank. At GM discretion, gear acquired in this manner can be restricted.


The group can choose 1 vehicle or starship to receive for free.This vehicle cannot have a rarity greater than 3 + Contribution rank. The price and size vehicle that the Alliance is willing to go to is up to the GM. At GM discretion, the vehicle or starship acquired in this manner can be restricted.

Strategic Asset

A strategic asset could be a number of things, a safehouse, temporary use of a powerful Alliance ship, a small cell of operatives to aid the group. The players and GM should work together to come up with an appropriate strategic asset.

For more detailed information about Duty, see the Age of Rebellion p.46-50.


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