Cloud City

Designed by an Alderaanian architect, Cloud City conceals its mining infrastructure with an airy elegance that matches the surrounding atmosphere.. For many, there is no more romantic getaway than a week in the clouds. The top fifty levels of the city house resorts, spas, casinos, shopping centres, theatres, chapels – anything that pleases the heart and relaxes the mind. The city’s mid-section consists of the facilities for Bespin Motors, and also Port Town, where the locals work and live. At the bottom levels, near the main repulsor shaft, a dedicated workforce of humans, Ugnaughts, and Lutrillians fly out in trawlers to scoop Tibanna from the atmosphere, then return it to package the mined gas for export.


(Founding and design of the city by Ecclesies Figg. It’s resort heritage and rise to prominence in the gas industry)


Key locations such as Port Town, the upper city and other locations they visited in Jewel of a Yavin,

The Baron Administratorship

How the title of Baron Administrator has passed down over the years until Lando recently took control.

Cloud City

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