Battle of Jabiim

The Battle of Jabiim was a sizable engagement during the Galactic Civil War. Predator Squadron were sent to liberate the planet Jabiim and take care of the colossal skyhook/fuel processing centre that the Empire used for operations in the entire sector.

It is covered by the following adventure log posts:

  • Onslaught at Jabiim Part OneRavaging
  • Onslaught at Jabiim Part TwoUprising
  • Onslaught at Jabiim Part ThreeReckoning

For some reason it’s bugged when linking them here. I suggest using the search function.

This turned out to be a major victory for the Rebel Alliance and Predator Squadron were a key part of it, gaining a total of 51 Duty spread out across the entire squad for their contributions to this campaign.

Battle of Jabiim

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