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  • Loose Ends

    h3. Mission Roster * [[:cassie-cygnet | Cassie Cygnet]] * [[:galish | Galish]] * [[:gand | Gandi]] * [[:jibril-sayra | Jibril Sayra]] * [[:oz-asmodeus-salacion | "Oz"]] * [[:tobin-stryder | Tobin Stryder]] * [[:whisper | Whisper]] h3. …

  • Prince Molec

    Sono Molec inherited control of Kowak from his father, *King Atai Molec*. The Prince oversees slaving operations in the southern Slice, supplying the bulk of Twi'lek, Rodian, Theelin and Togruta slaves to the Hutts in the region and to the larger auction …

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