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  • Endor Part 6 - Finale

    h3. Mission Roster * [[:ct-6666 | Ace]] * [[:gand | Gand]] * [[:ghost | Ghost]] * [[:jacen-briggs | Jacen Briggs]] * [[:oz-asmodeus-salacion | Oz]] * [[:tobin-stryder | Tobin Stryder]] * On the surface of the planet Gand, Ghost, Ace and Oz …

  • Dawn of Tranquility

    The _Dawn of Tranquility_ is the first MC-85 Star Cruiser. It's been developed and constructed in a secret Mon Calamari shipyard for years, serving as a prison for Imperial POWs. [[:carlist-rieekan | General Rieekan]] used the ship whilst it was still …

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