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  • Taonas Shrike

    Taonas Shrike, also known by her codename 'Oracle', is older sister to [[:travis-shrike | Travis Shrike]]. She seems to eschew many of the stereotypical traditions of Mandalorian culture - she is not a traditional warrior, preferring to practice …

  • Teroch Shrike

    Teroch Shrike is Clan Chief of House Shrike, making him House Lord - Leader of Clan Shrke. He fought during the Mandalorian Civil War as a Death Watch loyalist against the forces led by the Zabrak usurper, known as Maul. After the war the Mandalorians …

  • Thenn Shrike

    "Thenn Shrike":http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Thenns, brother of [[:teroch-shrike | Teroch Shrike]] (the leader of House Shrike). Thenn has taken care of Teroch as he's grown sicker, taking on more and more duties of the House Lord in order to …

  • Catra Kemir

    A Mandalorian pilot mercenary who has history with [[:ct-6666 | Ace]]. He showed up on [[Outriders of Endor Part Two | Endor]] working for the Empire where he duelled Ace into unconsciousness.

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